EVADNE might have a name that seems odd and even a bit hard to pronounce properly but that doesn’t stop me from interviewing them. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

Every band has to introduce their music to new people. What is it that you want people to get from listening to you guys?
-We are a band that tries to offer everything we can. Quality in doses of dynamic music, offering a mixture of all the styles that we like in a homogeneous sound inside the death doom.

How hard was it for you guys to pick a name? What had that name have to have to fit your music?
-We like mythology very much, we get that name from Greek mythology, it was simple. The most important thing was that it reflected what we were looking for, the feeling of despair and the passions above reason.

Everybody is influenced by certain things. What band(s) was it that turned you on to the kind of music you play? What inspires you today?
-It inspires us all kind of music of all styles but I guess our bases were always My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Swallow the Sun …

When you formed did you do so with the intent of knowing what to play or did you do so from the point of having a band name and then picking a sound? How did you settle on the name/sound combo?
-The band started as a black/death metal project under another name. Over time we saw that we needed to approach a type of music that made us feel something more, the doom and all its subgeneros could offer us. Then we changed the name and the music.

I believe that digital is killing the album format. People’s changing habit of how they listen to music will result in there being no albums. Is there anything good with releasing single tracks only?
-We think the digital format is another tool to get the music further, offer facilities. For us it has to be a tool but never a substitution. It is like books, painting, art in general, they can not be replaced by a digital format, for us it loses all charm, the magic of the fetish.

What part does art-work and lay-out play when you release new recordings? How do you best catch people’s attention?
-Although the important thing is the music in a band has to take care of all aspects and one of them is the artistic one. For us it is important that everything is part of a concept, we like that everything surrounding the album has an important connection. That you can look at the cover and understand the content of the album even if you have not heard it yet.

Has social media re-written the rules on how to promote your music? Or do you go about doing promotion the same way?
-Social media today is a great source of propaganda. We adapt to the new times, although we like to do it the old fashioned way nowadays you need them to take the attention of the public.

When you play in a band, does that make you feel like you are a part of a scene, of something bigger and grander?
-It makes us feel good about ourselves, fulfilled. We can feel the pleasure of offering something to a musical movement. That people enjoy your music makes you feel very privileged.

How much of a touring band are you? Is touring/gigging still a great way of spreading the word of the band?
We would like to do more tours. For us to spread our music on the stage is the best way ever.

What will the future bring?
-We hope that many years of music and that the scene will be bigger in the future.

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