It can be quite confusing when there are bands out there with the same name or variations of it. EVANGELIST is victims of it. How do they deal with it? Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When it comes to doom metal there seems to be a very special relationship to the Bible and its grand epic stories (be it if the band is Christian or not). What is it about these stories that suits doom metal especially well?
-I guess it’s mainly question of doom metal’s tradition. It’s probably the most conservative and tradition-oriented genre of metal. Biblical stories or generally religious themes were always part of doom entourage, since Black Sabbath, through Trouble, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus up to Reverend Bizarre. Yes, I agree, they suit this kind of music very well, so why fix something that is not broken?

Is it necessary for doom metal to deal with the greater questions of life and death to be true doom metal? Does it have to be a existential suffering to be doom?
-In my opinion it has to be spirituality and sense of being not of this world to be doom. Doom is not about entertainment like majority of other genres. I know it sounds hackneyed, but to me doom has to bear some mark of art in terms of expressing Yourself and revealing Your inner Truth. Generally music without meaning is just a noise

What have been you greatest inspirations in creating the sound of EVANGELIST?
-Probably US epic metal bands from the first half of the 80s, like earliest Manowar, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol or Omen. Everyone is asking us about Candlemass and of course we love them, but truly, until we recorded vocals for first album there was not a glimpse of comparison to them in our minds. This is really strange and sometimes funny, but well, what can we do?

This might be a tired old question but what in your opinion are the ultimate doom metal records and how have they affected you guys?
-For me personally debuts from Candlemass, Trouble and Reverend Bizarre. I’m not counting Sabbath, because they are Founding Fathers of everything metal. It’s hard to say what influence they had on me as a person, but musically it was like “I saw the light”.

When you play slow, or in low tempo is it harder than if you were to play up-tempo metal? How do you keep it interesting when you can hear every stroke of the guitar or every beat of the drum?
-We kind of used to it and probably we would have problems at first when we had to play some fast metal from get go. We really feel comfortable at those tempos, that’s the first lesson You get from playing slow, You need to feel comfortable and in total control to make Your sound convincing. As for keeping music interesting – we don’t think about it in those categories. We think about music in categories of less is more. If some part is weak we are not making tricks to sound it more interesting, we are throwing it out.

I’ve noticed that there are more bands than yours that use the name EVANGELIST or forms of it. How annoying is it that your music can be confused for somebody else’s?
-We don’t have any problems with it, I don’t recall situation that someone confused us with another band named similarly.

You have an album to promote. How pleased are you with the outcome of it? What kind of reactions have you had to it so far?
-We are happy about the album, of course. Reactions are mixed and more polarized than previous time, which is good in my opinion. Extremes are always good, it is a prove that we are honest and we don’t try to be in the middle.

When you release an album why do you do it? What is that you expect to get from releasing an album?
-We release albums because we have something to say. Simple as that. Bands usually say that they don’t care or they do it for themselves etc. It’s bullshit. Everything has it’s purpose, releasing albums too. We expect to reach people that understand and support our message. If You are referring to economics, we are realistic and don’t expect much. If costs of studio and artwork will return to us in 50% then it is a nice surprise for us, believe me.

When you play the kind of metal that you guys do what kind of reactions can you expect to get to it? How marginal is doom metal?
-We’re not thinking much about it, really. Doom seems to have a momentum lately, sure, but we are not regular band, You know. There is only two of us, and one of us is full-time husband and father. It’s not likely that we will embark on regular tour etc. Doom is marginal in it’s own foundation I guess.

What plans do you have for the future?
-Soon we will play our first live gig and after that we’ll start to work on new songs. That’s what we like doing most, making new music and seeing when it takes us.

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