The Mexican metal scene might not get the attention it needs and deserves but lend it an ear or two and you’ll find a whole host of great bands, EVERLIGHT included. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Perhaps a short introduction would be in order. So please tell me who Everlight are?
-Sure, we are Everlight a band from Mexico city, the band is formed by 5 members and each one play bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals, we´ve been together for around 3 years, and we´re about to show our first EP which includes 6 songs.

Lately I’ve come upon what I think is the beginning of a new scene in Mexico. Is there a female fronted/all female metal scene about to rise in Mexico?
-Actually we think it is about to rise , there´s a lot of new bands who play different genres of metal and we think that´s because in Mexico people loves it, but is kind of scattered-scene and it keeps being underground, but that´s cause the media doesn´t support it too much.

What has been your greatest inspiration in wanting to play metal?
-The love for everything that music brings, the passion, the energy and the freedom to be who you want to.

How would you like to describe you style of metal? What bands have been most important in shaping your sound?
-We can describe it as powerful and at the same time melodic, but we don´t have a precise genre in the band, our style has been shaped by all kind of metal bands, mainly by Stratovarius, Avantasia, Symphony X, Nightwish and Epica.

Is it a happening to play live or do you do it so often that people in your region are starting to get tired of you?
-That´s actually a really interesting question, cause there are not a lot of places to play, and it´s ever harder to find ones with the required conditions for a quality show. We can play where the chance is given to us but these are generally pubs and sometimes are the same.

What does it give to you as a band to be on a bill with other similar bands? Do these kind of events draw huge crowds?
-Sometimes is easier to play with bands that play similar things because the public is more.
And no there are no huge crowds, it´s really difficult to convince people to go to a Mexican metal show, they actually prefer and even pay more for the international bands even if it isn´t a really famous foreign band. They do not believe in national shows and music.
Is it important to you to have a physical product to show for or are you as comfortable with a digital product?
-Yeah it´s really important for us to have a physical product, because we can actually promote it by hand and personal recommendation between friends in every show, and sadly digital products don´t work as much as we would like because in this country people ain´t used to pay for music and even less for national music.

What is your opinion on digital V/S physical? I feel that it isn’t as real with digital as it is with physical.
-We agree with you, the physical brings you a sensation of being part of the project, of adding value to the band you buy music to, when you have it in a digital way you support yeah, but there are so many ways to getting it without any worry and it becomes a really unpersonal relation, like just downloaded files.

What have you recorded so far and what are you planning to record?
-We recorded our first EP on december , that because we won in a band battle that was performed online and as an award we had the recording free on a studio called CICUTA RECORDS (http://www.facebook.com/cicutarecords). That´s what we have recorded so far and we are about to make it physical, but we are saving for it because is totally independent.

What other plans for the future do you have?
-We plan to promote our music all over the places that allow us and play more live. We want to write more music and evolve our sound by learning and working on it. We know that is really difficult in our country but yet so we will do it.

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