Once upon a very long ago I bought an album by a Norwegian band named EVIG NATT. I didn’t think too much of it back then, it was just another good Norwegian band. Now with a new album out I all fired up. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

You have one of these names that does not really tell what kind of metal you play. How hard was it to come up with the name?
-Well, our music is dark and heavy but at the same time very heartfelt and melancholic, therefore, we thought the name EVIG NATT would be fitting. The name came up very easily actually. Stein and I were sat writing and recording one night, and it was one of those winter nights where it was pitch black outside and the wind was wrestling the trees. We just thought, what if this night would be eternal and it’d always be like it was that night? Our music would be the perfect soundtrack. We said EVIG NATT out loud and there it was.

Could you give us a short introduction to the band?
-It started out with Stein and me in 2003. He was writing new material for his former project Thundra at the time, but kept putting aside songs that didn’t quite fit the Thundra sound. Stein wanted to try something different with these songs; they carried such raw emotion and melancholy with them. Stein had thought about trying a female voice for a while and asked me to come in and demo one of these songs. It just so happened that it worked out and here we are, going from a two-person studio project to a full line up, gigging band, three albums later.

What would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
-That’s a tough question, but I’ll try and answer it as best as I can. I’d have to say my greatest influences on EVIG NATT’s sound are things that have happened to me in my life. Experiences that I need to write about so that I can keep them at bay. I think the same thing goes for Stein, and that’s why we work so great together. Our sound comes from a very heartfelt place and everything we do is real raw emotion. From listening to our music and reading our lyrics, listeners can actually learn quite a bit about us. We are putting ourselves out there and sometimes that can be a bit scary, but I believe that’s the best way to convey music, when you are deeply connected to the material you perform.

Musically what influences me would be bands like Anathema, Swallow the Sun, The Gathering and Type O Negative.
-What is the scene like in your area? Do you feel that you are a part of a scene?
Ah! The scene here is alive and well. The West-coast of Norway has a lot of great sounding metal bands and big ones too like Kvelertak, Tristania, Sirenia and new, up and coming bands too, like us for example ;). We also had pioneers like Theatre of Tragedy and Sins of Thy Beloved who paved the way for bands like EVIG NATT with female vocals.
Besides that we have a pulsing scene with local festivals like Karmøygeddon and Heavy Nights, rock pubs like Flytten Rock Café and bigger stages like Bakgården Haugesund. We have so many cool bands coming through our “home-town” every year and the gigs are well attended.

Something I have often wondered about is if you feel that you are part of something bigger and greater when you play in a band, that you are part of a movement sort of?
-I don’t know about being part of a movement or something greater just because I’m in a band. The guys and I are just like everyone else, but maybe you could say that we have a “voice” that reaches out to a larger audience and therefore we are expected to have some kind of responsibility in what we say and do. So no, not really. I feel everyone is connected on this planet somehow. We are all the same and we are only defined by our actions, whether we are in a band or not. What I would say is that I definitely feel like I share something great together with EVIG NATT fans all around the world.

When you play the sort of music you play I guess you cannot have birds and bees on the cover of your album? What is a great album cover to you?
-Haha! I guess we could have birds and bees on the album cover to make it really confusing. However, I prefer it when the cover says a little something about what you can expect to hear when you play the album. A great cover, to me, is one that makes me want to find out what the story is behind it, a cover that draws me in and where the story continues inside the booklet. I also like when the cover portrays the feel of the music. There is a lot of great art work out there and maybe that’s why I’m still a huge fan of the physical medium, like CD’s, vinyl etc.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
-As mentioned above, I prefer the physical medium. The sound quality is far better with physical rather than compressed digital, as of yet anyway. I also like to look through the booklet whilst listening to the music, read lyrics and admire the artwork to get a feel of the concept. It’s definitely not the same staring at a screen. I can appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into an album a lot easier when holding the finished product in my hands. Especially when its something I myself have created along with my band mates in EVIG NATT. It’s incredibly pleasing and a very proud moment to finally be able to open, look at and enjoy the final result. I don’t think the digital format is killing music; it makes it easier sharing to a bigger audience. However, digital is just, for me anyway, a lesser way to convey and to experience music.

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours?
-Locally we have quite a few stages where we can play and showcase ourselves. There are lots of metal festivals in Norway too, like Karmøygeddon, Brynerocken, Tons of Rock, Norway Rock just to mention a few. There are also a ton of festivals around the world dedicated to metal, so I’d say there are loads of outlets. However, if you mean festivals that are dedicated to metal bands with female vocals there are some of those too. For example we are playing Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium in October this year. Other than that you have events like FemME in the Netherlands each year.

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
-First of all we see it as a fun day at work together with our friends. Second we take it seriously and want to deliver a show that our gig-goers deserve. We love playing live and we try and make every single gig as special and as good as possible. Of course, after the gig, we love to hang out and drink some beers with everyone. 😉

What would you like to see the future bring?
-Hopefully that more and more people discover our music. I would also love to get out on the road and play even more shows with EVIG NATT than we’re doing right now. Other than that I’m looking forward to performing and recording the live acoustic set that we’re preparing and to writing many more albums.

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