Search and you will find. How many times haven’t we heard that and then at the end of the rainbow only found crap. But trust. There is gold at the end if you search really hard. EVIL LUCIFERA is proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

To me Lucifera is the epitome of evil. Why did you feel a need to add the word Evil to the band name?
-I had this inspiration, and I liked the idea, because it thought was interesting add something to a name that already says a lot by itself. In this land, where humanity has become the ultimate evil in the world, you can really say that Lucifer can be the evil, or perhaps, a bringer of light, that through evil can purify the real cancer of society, that is, man? Is a dilemma, my thinking has always been that the face of evil, you have to be stronger, and then, well be the epitome of evil.

Your black metal is on the more symphonic side of things. How much does your cultural heritage play a part in forming the music you play?
-Yes, my kind of black metal is poured on a very symphonic side, I think it can be more enriched in the search for dark sounds but also melodic. Surely this has a very important role in shaping the music, is a point of view that greatly influence the direction that must take the songs

Is there a greater dimension to being black metal that might be missing if you just play power metal or heavy metal?
-Well, first of all, I don’t think that could be exact talk of a greater or smaller dimension playing a type of metal rather than another. I think that’s a way of be, and a personal taste, nothing else. I don’t want to fall into trivial considerations. I do what I am, I do what I love, for sure I do it because I think it’s my dimension.

What does black metal mean to you? Why is it that this kind of metal suits you better?
For me black metal it’s all, accompanies me since I was a teen ager, and is a very important part of my life. I can give up many things, but not to black metal and my ideals, and for me black metal is synonymous of my ideals. I think suits me better for various reasons, foremost, because as soon as I heard it was a love at first sight, secondly, I believe that it fully expresses what I am, the anger, and the continue fight in search of a top goal.

Is there anything beneficial to having your album released by a small underground Mexican label? Does it add cred to be underground and not a part of the mainstream?
-More than talk about what is useful, and how much is useful, I would like to analyze your question from another point of view. A band try to take more contacts possibles, then choose between the offers received. There may be waste, offers not interesting, and offers more good. Then choose what you think is best, and you can also make mistakes, in the past I was wrong. Currently I’m pretty satisfied with this label, and I hope in the future we continue to work well and get more credit through it.

Are there any limitations in geography anymore? Has the World become one huge playground with the help of modern technology?
-No doubt with the advent of technology many geographical limitations have been removed, and we got many advantages in many aspects. But I think, however, remains unchanged the problem concerning to be born in the wrong country. Although the geographical barriers have been virtually demolished, living in a limited country that doesn’t offer you anything is not easily solvable.

What does it mean to have an album out? What can you benefit from having a record out that people easily can buy?
-Have an album out is a good starting point, a beginning, for attempting to create a good basis.
Undoubtedly is a very positive factor that people who like your music can buy your album, it helps you to get to know more and get more exposure.

How hard work is it to do almost everything by yourself? What are the benefits of not working with too many outside people?
-Certainly work alone is more hard and labored, and takes up more time in the daily life. Sometimes is a bit stressful not to have some help. On the other hand, there are also advantages, surely it’s good to avoid threads that can often crop up for the different points of view on how to handle the various things.

Is black metal by spirit music for the lonely? Is black metal to be shared in huge groups of people?
-I don’t think that black metal can be a genre of music for the masses, because I don’t think the mass worthy of this wonderful musical genre. The mass is too dull, and has narrow visions, so yeah, probably the black metal is more for lonely.

What would your ideal dark future look like?
-I believe that we already live in a dark future, in this case, however, has a very bad meaning. An empty world, where the interest of base money is destroying everything, pollution, environmental catastrophes, and multinational who think their profits rather than pollute less. I’d say maybe, there will be a short future more than a dark future

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