For some reason I came to think of Heavy Load when I saw the cover to Finnish EVILLYN’s MCD. The music wasn’t that far off the classic heavy metal sound of the 80s. For that alone I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl c2012

Being Swedish I must say that I’m a bit envious of the chart success of Finnish metal bands. Why do you think so many bands chart in Finland?
-Don’t ask us. We don’t have any clue. We are just crackbrained idiots who spend their time playing some instruments rather than doing something useful. I think that kind of lunacy attracts people. Or then it’s something in our tap water. I could have added something about dark and cold winters when you can’t go out and to stay indoors playing guitar… like in every other explanation you might see. But you have winters in Sweden as well, don’t you? And hey, don’t be jealous. You’ve got some freaking awesome bands in Sweden like In Solitude, Enforcer, Portrait, Air Raid, Antichrist etc. Some real underground diamonds, those are harder to find than the chart breakers.

Why is Lyn Evil? What makes for a great band name? What is there to a great band name?
-Anybody who were watching Masters Of The Universe in 80s know where the name came from. We wanted to keep the name short and easy, and this one sounded good. A good band name resembles something about the band’s message. For us it means 80s, warriors, horror and something that is out of the comic book pages. Therefore Evil-Lyn was a good choice. Also if you think about Alice Cooper and Lizzy Borden, naming your band after a female villain makes a lot of sense.

Does it ever feel like you have been handed a bad deal being on a small Greek label instead for on a bigger label?
-Not at all. Last year when we were recording these tracks, we planned to release 3 song demo with 2 extra songs to be published in internet. Target with the demo was to attract some labels and gig
promoters. But it turned out so that we got publishing deal offers for all 5 tracks as an EP from several different (smaller) record labels. And we CHOSE Iron on Iron Records because we thought that they have good distribution comparing their size and that they do promote their bands. Both have turned out be true and we appreciate the work these Hellenic warriors have done for us. And we know that there is plenty of time to release some of following releases with some bigger labels.

How does a Finnish band end up on a Greek label? What is it that you look for when you sign on the dotted line?
-We published two of the songs in MySpace and in our webpage somewhere in autumn 2011. And we got immediately questions from two European labels (Iron on Iron + another one) that do you have more of this material. We said yes, but simultaneously we were thinking that if these are already interested what if there are other labels as well. So we sent out emails to something 10-15 different labels asking if they were interested about publishing the EP. And we got two offers
more and couple others were interested about us but as EP. After some discussions we decided to choose Iron on Iron because of above mentioned things: wide and visible distribution and the work they have done in past for bands like Skull Fist etc. One of the other labels had better offer on paper, but their distribution network and their support for the bands was not as transparent. And therefore Iron on Iron Records.

What kind of reception have you gotten in Finland?
-Pretty good. These days our style is totally underground stuff in Finland, but it has been relief to see there are a lot of people who like to see 80s heavy metal to return. Most of the bands are doing
more and more extreme stuff than the others or then they are trying to do something so symphonic that all the fun that belongs to metal music is long lost.

Looking at the cover to your M-CD I get flashbacks to the 80s and cover to albums by bands like Heavy Load. What makes a record cover good?
-First of all, it needs to be drawn. I really don’t like the covers that have been created with some graphics studio tool on computer. And the comics style drawing is a plus. Of course it needs
to somehow describe band and it’s music. If the lyrics tell about the warriors and dragons, then there should be warriors and dragons in the cover as well.

Why has the fun in heavy metal been lost? Is everything taken too serious today?
-In the underground scene there are a lot of bands, that do it because it’s fun. But to me it looks like mainstream bands have lost it a little. This is a serious world we live in and everything seems
to be taken too seriously. Many of the bands look like they are just working when they play live shows. And that is a shame, because heavy metal is supposed to be fun. At least we are trying to have as much fun as we can, especially up on the stage. When we climb on the stage, we want to give our best to make the audience have fun too and to experience something energetic.

Do you have a formula you write songs after or does anything go as long as it is good?
Marko and Anssi have written all our songs this far. They both have pretty similar ways of creating it. First some idea for the lyrics, maybe a few lines for the chorus. Then playing guitar for hours to get some good riffs in place. Then drawing the song idea in Guitar Pro tool and sending the file over to others for comments. But the official form is finalized by practicing with a band, some tricks and treats added in.

Why does a band release an M-CD instead of a full length album? What is the benefits of just releasing an EP?
-For us it was a choice between releasing 3 demo by ourselves and trying to get recording deal from labels with that. Or in comparison, release something out from a proper label, and speed up
things with publicity. If we have chosen otherwise we would have been waiting at least a year or two more before we would some official release out. And this is a solid EP, with really good songs on it, and we are proud what we have achieved this far. Notice, that our current line up was put together just last year. And those line up chances were essential on getting where we have been already now (played in festivals like Jalometalli 2011, Tuska 2012, Up the Hammers-Greece,
Metal Magic-Denmark).

What plans for the future do you have?
-First thing is that there are plans to release the EP in vinyl format with one extra song. We have already recorded this bonus track and vinyl will be released later this year. But at the same time we have started to record new songs for the full length album. We don’t know yet if our manager finds a bigger label for us, but at least we want to create something new right now.

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