When EVIL released their EP back in 1984 I actually thought that they were gonna compete with Mercyful Fate for the title of Denamrls best metal band. But that did not happen. 2015 sees the release of the debut album. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Back in 1984 you released an EP that still do this day is one of my fave record. I waited and waited for an LP to arrive but it never came. What went wrong?
-When EM came out in 1984 nothing happend, people said “its not heavy metal” and people didnt like the singer, the band split up also because of Kim x-mas was sick all the time, i found another band in Copenhagen, and we got a contract with megaforce records in US in 1990, it was not heavy metal but rock music.

Now that you are about to release your debut album 31 years later how does the songs compare to the EP songs?
-Its not heavy metal but solid hard rock with a twist in the lyric like Em had, it also have melodic guitars like EM.

How does it feel that there are people like me that still listens to the EP and wants more?
-I’m glad that you will spend time asking me about it and listening to the old EM, the new record Shoot the Messenger is about playing music and have a good time doing it like Evils message, s ome people would maybe not like the new Shoot the Messenger album, one magazine wrote, stay away!!!, another wrote, we want more!!! but i feel surprised after so many years that people like the old record

In the 80s you had to go to Copenhagen to see metal concerts if you lived in Helsingborg or Skåne. Then the Swedish metal scene exploded while the Danish seemed to implode. What happened to the Danish metal scene?
-Maybe there was some mucians moving from Denmark to Sweden, I really don´t know, but music from Sweden have always had a very high standard, and a strong image.

We have seen some cool Danish metal bands doing comeback in recent years. What state is the Danish metal scene in today according to you?
-Better than ever, but Swedish and French bands like Meshuggah and Gojira are superb.

When you recorded your EP recording equipment wasn’t as advanced as today. Is it easy to get lost in technology when you are in the studio today, so much that might loose the feel of the song?
-You absolute right about that, could have been a lesson for many bands, to record their songs on a 2 track taperecorders like they did in the 60, or maybe without a taperecorder using technologi from the 1930.

The cover for the EP was one of the coolest back in the days. Is it important to have a cover that people notice and wants to check out?
-Maybe, many people using their eyes before their ears, the interesting thing is making a movie or cover first, and after make the music, Shoot the Messenger is about music and lyrics, the artwork for shoot the Messenger is more about to identify the old band from 1984.

Now that you have an album to promote how will you promote it? What ways/sources are the best ones to use today?
-Evil´s Shoot the Messenger is a underground record, because there will not be printed so many copys like the more etablished band do, but i have served the music in the past 35 years and belive that, if you think on money, you have to forget the music, using your network is still the best way to tell people about your music.

Is vinyl still the best way to enjoy EVIL or is digital sufficient enough to get the right EVIL experience?
If you listening to the Evils message vinyl, its important to set rpm on 45 and not 33 unless you will hear doom, don´t play it backwards, but spell the name Evil backwards, it will give meaning.
If you are collecting old records, its maybe better listening to a digital EM, or buy 2 of the same vinyl record, but if you want the best Evil experience, you have to get, Shoot the Messenger and Evils message both on vinyl and digital.

What will the future bring?
-Evil is alivE after many problems, Evil will play livE, we will make more records with the new members, at this moment we rehearsing new and old songs in the rehearsing room like real bands do and always had done, i would like to move forward and a have a good time with the readers of this interview.

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