Holland is not only tulips and wind mills. There has always been a great hardrock/metal scene going and Evil’s Desire are no exception to that rule. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I know absolutely nothing about Evil’s Desire. Can you please give us a brief introduction to the band?
-We’re a female fronted rock-metal band from Holland existing of 6 members
– Marcia : vocals
– Eric : guitar / second vocals
– Paul : guitar / grunts
– Johan : keyboards
– Vincent : Bass
– Gert-Jan : Drums

I guess there are no easy line-up changes but when you change vocalists that can change the whole way the bands sounds like. How do you go about finding the right replacement?
-To be honest we had a replacement pretty soon. Even though there are a lot of musicians, it’s a small world. The drummer (Gert-Jan) en the guitarist (Eric) played in a band with her a long time ago. She mentioned to the owner of our rehearsal room, she was looking for a band. So when he heard we were without a singer, her name came up. We gave her a call and you can fill in the rest.
Because the singer defines for a big part the way the band sounds, this has been changed from a metal-gothic sound to a rock-metal sound. This is mainly because our previous female singer had a more classical-way of singing where Marcia has a rock voice with loads of emotion, more like Skunk Anansie. The sound of the music underneath hasn’t changed that much, but there will be some changes because of our latest addition Paul. Because now we have 2 guitars at our disposal we will add some symphonic in this section. But don’t worry, we won’t overdo this.

Your album ‘Initium’ has been out for some time now. Do you feel it has done what it was set out to do? What kind of reactions have you had to it?
-The reactions were diverse. The rating was either a 4 or a 9 out of 10 with not much in between. So you either hated us or loved us (most of the 9’s came from England and the U.S.). To be honest it’s beter to have several 4’s and 9’s then only 6,5’s but because we’re also human, the 4’s weigh heavier then the 9’s. It was our first cd produced by ourselves and we’re learned a lot from some reactions and others we choose to ignore. The good things that have happened to us the latest year is being on a compilation cd of Femme Metal. Our Facebook page is going well. We’ve gotten some orders for Initium from Bulgaria, Russia en Brazil, and of course England but these sales are governed by Ravenheart. And the best thing is getting an article on http://battlehelm.com

How much do you promote the band? How hard do you work on making the band’s name a household item?
-Last year we wanted to go to England to have a mini-tour, but unfortunately due to some personal problems we couldn’t make it. So we planned to do this tour the second quarter of 2012, but because Marcia had to learn the complete set and because our album is not representative any more, we postponed the tour again. We did a try out gig with Marcia and it was a success. Now we’re working on integrating Paul, which is going prosperous. So in a short time we will start with touring in Holland, so we can go to England in short term. At the moment we’re working on a new recording, where Marcia and Paul will be introduced. The website will be updated, and new promotional items will be made.

Does it ever feel like your job is done promoting the band/latest release? How do you know when to move on to the next level?
-The job is never done. We’ve taken a step with promoting our songs around the world, but now we have to take a step back and start with introducing the new Evils.

What is the Dutch metal scene like today? What kind of infrastructure is there for smaller bands to play live/tour the country?
-The metal scene is still alive among the people but a lot of stages and festivals are struggling to stay alive due to cuts by the government.

What part does the fact that Holland is smack in the middle of Europe play in spreading your music?
-Thanks to Ravenheart it does not really matter where we are. The spreading of our recorded music is global. Of course our location is an advantage when it comes to playing live. Germany, England and Belgium are nearby.

Does it make it easier for people to discover you knowing that you are Dutch given the history of hard rock/metal coming from Holland?
-Two sides of the medallion. Because we’re Dutch people will find us easier on the internet, but the songs will be compared with the ‘big’ bands. So a homemade production will be compared with an expensive professional production.

What is it that you want to say with Evil’s Desire that cannot be said in a different setting?
-The core of this band consists of Gert-Jan, Vincent and Eric. We play music together for about 21 years now in all kinds of formations. We simply tell stories and we can do that in any setting we like, but we really like this format: a strong female voice supported by male voices, two melodic guitars, a great sounding synth and of course the bass and drums for a massive base!

As it is 2012 now what plans do you have for Evil’s Desire?
-Introduce Marcia, Paul and our new sound, update our main website and linking this site with the more active Facebook. New recordings, new merchandise and prepare for our tour in England!

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