EWIGHEIM are back with a new album. That alone is reason to interview them but since the album is so bloody great I thought I wanted to know a bit more. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When you write a new album do you look back at the previous one and what songs got the best reactions and keep going from there or do you start from scratch and write a bunch of new songs that has nothing to do with the previous album?
-We doing both. We keep an eye about the past but we are totally in here and now.

What kind of reactions have you had to your previous album? Does it feel like that one kept building your reputation?
-You have just one possibility, keep one going the work for what do you think it is the best for it. We don’t care about the reputation of Ewigheim.

When you release a new album do you set the bar higher this time around? We did this and that with our last album, now we need to step it up even more.
-of course we do!

How pleased are you with this new album? How does this one fit in on the line that is EWIGHEIM’s journey?
-We think with the new record we have found an almost new way for giving Ewigheim the right expression. The new record is more far away from plastic out of the past. And of course the mix between lyrics and sounds is almost perfect at this point…….

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play? Was there a specific moment/artist/album that spoke to you?
-No. never… the music of Ewigheim is totally out of influences…really! Because Yantit, Schwadorf and Konstanz are so different in their tastes of music!

Today you can buy your likes on Facebook. What is the whole point of likes on Facebook? Do they mean a shit when you don’t know it they are bought or genuine?
-Facebook is another way the spread your shit in the world…but you have to use this tool….. sadly!

How do you best utilize the interest you get on social media to actually have it mean something in real life?
-We have an eye about FB and we keep it updated….real life to us means: house, garden and friends made of flesh and blood!

What would you say is a great album cover? What does it have to contain for it to be great? I love the really big, colourful ones from the LP days. The ones you could sit for hours looking at discovering new details.
-Just one statement of a German artist: “sobriety is the aim not the beginning”!

What part would you like the producer to have? How important in is the producer?
-Our producer (Schwadorf) is part of the Band. But sometimes we thought about another studio but in the end stays just one word: WAY? It takes years the get that confidence and safety to a good producer….we working with Schwadorf since 1999 you know!

What lies in the future?
-We planning some shows and for 2014 we will make a fifteen years anniversary of Ewigheim special record. With some new stuff and some cool surprises on it…. stay nosily!!!

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