Greek thrash is nothing to laugh about. And why should you. We’ve seen German thrash grow out of its comfort zone and become something global. EXARSIS might be the starting point of something great to come. Answers by Alex, vocals. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is it like to be a thrash metal band in Greece?
Alex (Vocals): Things are difficult for bands here as we live in the area of economical crisis but there is a great thrash metal scene so it gives us the power to continue.

What in your opinion is the difference between old school thrash (first & second wave), “old school”thrash (the revival) and modern thrash (the rest)?
-Some people say that old school is the first and the second wave as you said because it was on the 80s. But I say that old school is something that comes from your heart. You can be old school thrash on 2010’s. Exarsis are old school. Violator are old school. It’s a way of life and attitude. So I don’t see any difference here. I guess you can understand the difference when you see photos of bands like Violator and The Haunted and compare them. Modern thrash bands with melodies etc is something that I’m not into and I can’t comment about it.

I grew up with Metallica and the whole thrash metal explosion. Is there today anything like an underground feeling, with all the social media and the instant access to anything?
-In Greece there is a totally underground feeling with bands playing on small clubs and fans stagediving and moshing like maniacs. As I said it comes from your heart and this passion will never die.

How much has the social media destroyed the fun in having to wait for something you just discovered to arrive?
-I’m 19 years old and I have to be hones? that social media and internet helped me a lot finding great things and bands I would never find without it. I still buy records and CD’s though. The feeling of buying an album and waiting to go home to open/listen it is irreplaceable.

What is it about thrash that has made it survive for so long? What is it about metal that is so great?
-This is something that only true metalheads know and I think that it can’t be explained with words. Just put “Heavy Metal Maniac” and it will guide you on.
Thrash metal survived because there were always great bands playing thrash and so did some old bands (see Testament and Sodom for example)

You have an album to promote now. How pleased are you with this new record?
We are 100% pleased. It’s how we want thrash metal to be heard on 2013!

How cool is it to be able to hold your own record? Can digital ever replace that feeling of accomplishment?
-No way! It’s something like a reward to your work. Can’t wait to have my own copies soon.

What kind of responses have you had to it so far? What is it that you expect this record will do for the band?
-Everyone liked the album so far. But the main problem is the vocals. Some people love them some people hate them so it’s a matter of taste. I think that after all this metalcore thing everyone is used to growling vocals and stuff and they are totally out of the 80s spirit with bands like Vio-lence, Nuclear assault and Overkill. A true thrasher will easily understand.
We are very really into “The Brutal State” and everything seems to work out perfect. We will see soon.

Does it matter today where your label is located? What made you go for a German label?
-Germany is the capital of metal in Europe This is very important. But the main thing that made us sign is that Markus from MDD is a great guy and he really likes our music. This is the most important thing for us.

What does the future hold for you guys?
-We hope we will be able to get on a tour-as soon as we fix some line up changes-to promote the new album.

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