This one I totally forgot about until it got returned to me and I had to dig out the album again. Read what EXECRATION has to say. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Whenever I hear of Colorado I get a feeling of cheerfulness and happy people with glued on smiles? Are everybody so friendly as they appear in movies and TV?
-Ha ha ha ha, hell no!! Don’t get me wrong people smoke a ton of weed to chill out, but definitely not a ton of happy people. The area that we live in (Colorado Springs) has the #2 suicide rate in the USA next to Las Vegas being #1.

What kind of metal scene is there in Colorado? How does Execration fit into it?
-Well there is a ton of metal in Colorado. There is a big variety of Black Doom, Black Metal, Grind, Death Metal, and slam.( I don’t count deathcore as metal). It’s actually pretty competitive here, but for the most part everyone gets along and has respect for the scene. I think for the most part Execration fits well; there are a good amount of bands that strive to have their own sound, we just have a more aggressive sound and serious approach to our music than most. There are still a lot of the bands that our satisfied with being “hometown heroes” that play for their friends at the local bars forever, we just can’t do that. Execration strives to go everywhere and conquer all.

The first time I heard Incantation I didn’t know what to think. Now I hold them as one of the greatest death metal bands. What bands was it that influenced you to start your own death metal band?
-Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Vile, Origin, Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Nile, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh.

What is zero existence and why should there be acceptance of it?
-“Zero Existence” to me has many different meanings depending on the perspective. Death would probably be the most obvious, the final part of the life cycle. For some it is easier to accept death if they believe in the rebirth aspect. Zero Existence also has meaning as a “low” in life. Whether it be a period of depression, drug abuse, self loathing, or whatever brings you to that point. You just have to accept it and dwell or carry on and grow from it. “Zero Existence” is the darkness that we all have somewhere inside.

Is there a lyrical theme that have to always be there when you play death metal? What do your lyrics deal with?
-Not necessarily. I wouldn’t ever want happy themed lyrics, but we try to stay away from the same old gore influence. Our lyrics currently deal with a darker outlook. “Queen Amongst the Wolves” is about Hecate (spirit of the Crossroads). “The Acceptance of Zero Existence” is about being stuck in a world of shit and death and how you’re choosing to do this to yourself while accepting the fact of creating your own misery.

How do you notice that the band has taken a step further? Is there more pressure on you to deliver the goods now that you are on to your second album?
-One of the biggest things I notice is the fact that we don’t want our music to be humorous like “A Feast for the Wretched”. A lot of the content on that album was a joke and we didn’t take it seriously. It was still anti religion anti establishment, but not fulfilling. The only pressure is what we put on ourselves and each other, which is a decent amount. We don’t deal with outside pressures, that usually ends in a bad creative process.

Do you notice that people notice you by the art work on the album or by social media or by you playing live?
-It seems that most people we attract are from live shows. People do love the artwork though.(who doesn’t like Tony Koehl??) Social media I’m sure attracts a lot of people, but it’s not how we want to attract all of our fans. We want our fans to experience our live performances.

Do the social media really mean anything in real life? How many likes on Facebook actually mean something in real life?
-We don’t really hold social media very high to us. I hate that part of the scene, but you have to roll with it a certain amount.

How do you best build a following in the time and age?
-I think if people can go to shows to vibe with a band while they’re playing, that is the best way. Those people bring friends, then they tell more people etc. Word of mouth is the best tool. I listen to my friends about band recommendations, most people do.

What future do you expect for the band?
-I see Execration moving forward very well. We write music together easily, and enjoy it. We create a great energy live at shows with each other as well. That’s the key to success, surrounding yourself with people that you want to collaborate with.

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