EYE BEYOND SIGHT is another exciting metal act from Central Europe. Check èm out if you thought that all music from that part of Europe is muzak. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Now that you are signed to Massacre can you sit back and reap the benefits? How much of a dream come true is this to you?
-Well surely not! This is the time when after release you have to push the band forward and arrange some tour. We definitely are planning this but considering that we arrange our shows mainly by ourselves its sometimes more difficult.

As somebody who finds band names fascinating I have a hard time to decipher your band name. What’s the meaning behind it?
-Well yes, we can consider that with our lyrics we try to teach people to read between the lines, in other words, to have an additional “eye beyond sight” (hehe) that allows to see more alternatives and solutions than the mass media tells to them. Clearly, we want people to think!

What kind of metal scene is there in Slovakia today? How does Eye Beyond Sight fit into it?
-The scene needs a recovery but thanks to some people and their effort it is on its best way to succeed. Metalexpress , Gothoom Productions are those who really cooperate on the local scene and try to heal it.

Slovakia is really a big blank for me when it comes to metal. What kind of places are there to play live in? What kind of infrastructure is there for bands to tour the country?
-As in each country, in Slovakia we as well have international bands playing so we do not miss big name bands when they are on tour. Sometimes it happens that for instance they play only in Hungary or Austria but those are not far from us so it is not a problem to get there. Regarding the touring we have clubs over the country as well however some of them need better equipment.

Do you feel like you are the success story of Slovakian metal? How much pressure do you feel on making it big?
-We do not think it at all! There are many good bands in our country but we do something differently and that is maybe the one thing that we had a chance and lived with it. Nowadays a band needs as well get involved in management stuff in order to reach something, and many bands are doing this and they get somewhere under local label or even international. The competition is so big that you need to do your best in order to get recognized.

What’s the biggest difference being on a big label like Massacre compared to underground labels?
-Their professionalism!

When you have a finished album that won’t get a proper release worldwide until much later how do you go about keeping up the interest in the band?
-If I bring up our case than we were firstly under a Hungarian label, and considering that we sent out our record to many labels, later we agreed on with Massacre. We didn’t need to keeping up the interest in the band considering that we didn’t know whether we would get a worldwide release.

How boring is it to promote material that is as old as one year? How do you keep it interesting?
-This is a good question, if we consider that this promotion is worldwide it is much more interesting for us now, than before. Now we get comments and fans from worldwide and not just from our country and this is cool ! It fill´s us and force us to make the upcoming album better, heavier that will blast your head off.

What kind of touring plans do you have now that you are backed by a big label?
-We don’t have now exact dates but we are working on it. It seems that we will focus on festivals during the summer, and after will try to arrange an autumn tour.

What do you think the future will hold for you now?
-Well we hope that our cooperation with Massacre Records will be a long-time cooperation and that we will get more support in the future from booking agencies and organizers and we will receive opportunities to tour countries even as a support band. That will makes us really happy! We want to thank you as well your support that you asked us for this short interview. It means very much for us! Cheers to all of your readers and we hope we will play to you live in future!

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