I gotta say that I’ve kinda managed to overlook FACEBREAKER. Don’t know why but they have fallen under my radar. Not anymore. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is it a good thing to be a Swedish death metal band?
-Hell Yeah it´s a good thing. It´s filled with everything you need, powerful riffs and gory horror lyrics. Catchy as hell songs and extremely dedicated fans. This genre will never die.

How did you find your sound? What was it that inspired you to play your death metal the way you do?
-Since we all are big fans of the genre it came pretty natural to us how the sound should be. And when we recorded “Bloodred Hell” Jonas at “black lodge” hade just bought an Engel amp so we experimented with that and the sound we wanted came to place. And from there on we have perfected it from album to album.

When you play and released records as a death metal band do you expect to make a career out of it? What kind of expectations did you have when you formed?
-Our aim is and have always been playing the music we love and to keep putting out great albums and play live as much as we can. We don´t see any possibility of making it a career, but this is something that we will keep on doing till the day we die. There is nothing stopping this deathmachine.

You have a new album out now. What do you expect to get from releasing it?
-Just the satisfaction of releasing on hell of a killer album is enough for us. But ofcorpse we expect to come out and play the songs live and spread our sound even further and be able to raise hell wherever we will end up.

Why do you release albums? Isn’t it a dying art form in this day and age of downloading and being able to edit your own albums onto CD?
-Well, where is the feeling of having the album just downloaded on your computer when you can have it on VINYL!!! The only real carrier of great music.

When you release an album how much to you think about track order and such things?
-The track order is very important. You need to get the right flow on the album.
You have to keep the listener interested and feed them with a variety of songs not knowing what to expect next. Keep punching them with meaty songs after songs never letting that head stop banging.

I’m a sucker for a good looking cover? What are your feelings on presentation?
-It´s very important because it´s something that needs to reflect the music. If the cover looks killer it will get more attention. And it has to look fucking awesome when it´s in your vinyl collection.

What does it mean to be on a label and not doing things on your own? What are the benefits of having a label backing you?
For us it means great backup and support. Better finance for the recording and distribution. It´s easy to put out self made records this days, but it´s harder to get the attention a record needs without a label.

How do you best promote the band? How much are you prepared to sacrifice for the band? How far are you willing to go for the band?
The best promotion is to go out and play live and spread the infection with killer shows. We are willing to sacrifice almost anything for FACEBREAKER but since three of us has family’s that’s the ONLY thing not sacrificable.

What does the future hold?
Shows, festivals, tours and shit lods of great times with friends and fans allover!! We are looking forward to further promote “Dedicated To The Flesh” and spreading chaos wherever we go. Flesh, gore and mayhem will prevail!!!

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