FALLBRAWL came as a very positive surprise to me. Never did I think that I’d be that moved by a hardcore band but this one did that to me. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Isn’t 4 years between albums a long time for any band? Why such a long period between albums?
-Yeah sure. First we played a lot and had no time to write any new stuff and when we wanted to hit the studio we could not afford the money. But be sure that the next release comes in time!!

Is there an identification factor to the look of you logo? Should people be able to tell what kind of music you play just from looking at the logo?
-We are quite simple with that. A friend made it, we liked it and never changed it.

How do you feel that your progression chart has evolved since you started all those years ago?
-We are happy with what we have but always try to get to another level. It is great that we could share the stage with big bands we look up to but still we love to play with friends in the smallest clubs. There is also a change in the way of music we play but we always want to keep the roots

Hardcore is not enough to describe music these days. Where does your music fit in on the scale that is HC?
-Actually we don’t care. We do not try to be something we are just doing. We often hear that we are a beatdown band but i do not think that we sound like a typical “beatdown band”. We always try to be “in your face” no matter which elements we use.

When you started the band what bands did you look up to? How much do you look to other bands for inspiration these days?
-It was that we were all into this whole “mosh thing” and looked up to bands like “shattered realm” but had respect to all bands who are running this shit for years like “agnostic front”. We do all listen to a lot of metal stuff and hip hop and are looking up to all our friends in the scene: look my way, nasty, surge of fury. Inspiration is the unity in the scene and the hate against society.

When you tour how much of it is DIY? How important is DIY in today’s HC scene?
-Nowadays Mad is booking all our shows but we are still sleeping on floors driving ourselves for 10 hours. Organize everything and so on. If you are doing hardcore and do not see it as DIY you are lost and won’t have fun in doing it.

Is there an ultimate play length for a HC album? Should it not be longer than 30 minutes to be great?
-As I said before… “in your face” everything else is not interesting. I heard 4 demo tracks which have blown my head and 1hour LPs where I felt asleep so time does not mean anything.

Is there a difference in the German HC-scene depending on where in Germany you live?
-We have friends all over germany but sure it is different. In some parts hardcore is dead but u still have cities where are a lot of shows. It is not only about hardcore. Sure it is different if you are in
Ruhrpott, Munich or Berlin and of course you feel the different mentalities in HC too.

What kind of HC scene is there these days in Germany?
-The German HC scene became stronger and stronger in the last few years. You can see it all over Germany. If Beatdown, Oldschool or whatever.. Kids are digging a lot nowadays. It is mixed up quite often but it works out. I think Germany just got the strongest scene in Europe right now.

What future do you see for Fallbrawl?
-We wanna keep on moving in the future, wanna work harder and release a new cd soon. We wanna tour the world and play a million shows to reach more and more people if possible. We won’t back down!

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