In a world filled with all kinds of metal you need to raise your profile in order to get noticed Canadian Fallstaf have added a brass instrument to their metal. Interview answered by Ben Forte – bassist of Fallstaf. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

I’m no big fan of brass instruments. How does using trombone in metal work? What brought on this use from your side?
-We’ve being using brass in all our bands since ’94, it’s just natural for us. It works because of chemistry, we are long time partners.

What would you say if I tell you that you’re just copying Apocalyptica’s concept of being different in metal by having a trombone player?
-I thought they were a Metallica cover band! Never thought of that before! I would say that you are wrong.

Why is your trombone player hiding behind a balaclava? Is he ashamed of being seen in a metal band?
-He’s a Hitman, he doesn’t want to be seen. A professional choice. Go and ask him yourself!

When you do a music video where do you expect to get it shown? Is YouTube the only viable source/channel?
-No it’s not but it’s one of the best. That’s why we have a publicist.

How do you stand out in today’s overcrowded metal scene without using any silly antics or making an ass of yourself?
-What you see from FALLSTAF is what you get. Call it the want you want, it’s pure rock’n’roll. We give a show, we sweat, they scream, they drink and they go home.

Is Montreal a good place to be a metal band in? What is the scene like there?
-Yes it is. It one of the best place to play metal in America. It’s a healthy scene with many great bands.

How much do you look to the US for inspiration and everything else? How much of a Canadian metal soul is there really?
-A lot comes from the US but if you dig on the web you’ll find amazing bands from everywhere. I don’t know about the Canadian metal soul but I can tell you that Quebec’s soul is strong and proud.

I remember a time when Canadian metal was really exciting. What happened to the Canadian scene for it to pretty much die down and become an internal club for admiration?
-No clue man, at all.

When you are a part of national scene how much pride do you take in other bands making it nationally/internationally? Is there any jealousy between the bands?
-Not from us for sure! We have to take care of each other, it’s a tough business. We don’t give attitude to nobody and we surely won’t take some from anybody!

How do you view the future for Fallstaf? What do you expect to make from releasing albums and playing gigs?
-It’s wide open and we are having the best of it right now. Hope it will last for long. What do we expect? More fans of BRASS METAL!!!

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