FAREWELL TO ARMS is an interesting German band that I just had to interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The first reference your band name brings up is Hemingway. How did you come up with the band name?
-The band name has nothing to do with Hemingway or the book itself (or Machine Head…). When we first started the band we were looking for a cool band name and F2A sounded awesome and powerful. So we all said: this is it. That’s all about our band’s name. Nothing exciting about it, haha.

I can’t get my head around the mix of styles your music is described as. What is up with the mixture?
-Well, we all listen to different styles of music – not only metal. And because all of the band members are involved in the songwriting process everybody puts his style in it. Furthermore we don’t want to make ONE special genre. We all are very open-minded musicians and do what we want. It all becomes more interesting if you are able to put certain attributes of different music styles together to create something unique. We think the metalcore genre nowadays is too predictable. 90% of all
metalcore bands sound the same and do the same. We don’t want to be one of those bands. We want to bring more musicianship back into this genre, want to give a “fresh” touch to it and sound like… well… F2A. Not like thousands of other bands out there.

When you release a single these days what kind of response do you get and what does it do for a band? Is it a good way to promote a band/album?
-We still think it is a great way to promote and even push an album – AND a band. For example,
these days it is totally simple to post and share links in social media sites. Furthermore there are all the webzines, the band is in the news and the link goes around the world. And if you do it in a smart way it can go viral very fast. If you ask us, we are totally overwhelmed by the response we got on our
first single “Rejected”. We still are a small band and didn’t expect a feedback like this. It’s super cool and want to thank everybody who got crazy with it!

If you do a video these days where can it be shown beside Youtube? Is the cost of doing it worth the result you get out of it?
-Funny you ask because we did shoot a video a couple of weeks ago! Well, beside YouTube there are tons of other sites like Vimeo and stuff. But YouTube is still the biggest website for videos and therefore the most important one. For an awesome press feedback it became standard to work together with big magazines like Metal Hammer, AP Press etc. for video premieres. A lot of bands and labels have special websites to release them, this is a cool way as well. We think these days the costs are really worth it. The computer and internet generation spreads videos so super fast… The kids cannot only listen to the music but also they have something to WATCH and experience. So these “Lyric Videos” are total trend and do their job perfectly. That’s pretty cool!

Do you feel that you fit in? Have you found your niche in the German extreme metal scene?
-We are a very young and unknown band. And we know that. We still fight for our “niche” in the scene. But everything is doing great and we feel very comfortable with where we are today and where this all is going to. We are very thankful to our label, booking agency, management etc for their amazing work and support!

What is the difference being a band coming from a smaller town than from Munich or Hannover?
-Hm, good question! Bands in bigger towns definitively have it easier to gain a fanbase. We are a band from the countryside and the metal scene is very…well…small… Metal shows and stuff are less visited than in bigger cities. So, bands coming from a bigger town really grow faster.

What is the scene like in Germany? Is there camaraderie between bands?
-The scene in Germany is great! All the people are super friendly and hold together. So most of the bands do share a camaraderie in deed what is nice to see! Thus touring and playing shows with other German bands is awesome. But unfortunately there is a small amount of bands that reckon the other
bands as competitors what is very sad. But we think no matter in the world you look at it is like that. In some counties more in others less.

What is the difference between the German audience and the audience in different countries?
Shows in other countries are always different. You travelled hundreds of kilometers to get to them and the people really appreciate that. They’re more relaxed and celebrate the band more what is great! But no matter where you play… it is always awesome and we are really grateful to be able to do this!

What is it that you want to say with the album title “Perceptions” and the art work that goes with it?
-“Perceptions” is about the value of one individual life. Imagine you’re standing in front of the gates of heaven and want to know what you would get offered in exchange for your life. Imagine your life is put in a scale. What’s on the other side to balance it? That’s the main question Perceptions is
about and everybody has other answers to it. So, there are tons of “Perceptions” to this topic. For us and Azrael Design it was pretty hard to put this idea into a graphical realization. We took a young, blond and innocent girl and she stands for the “life”. She is looking at a wall. Normally there should be her shadow but the shadow doesn’t show her contours but the ones of the “death”. Life and death always are the antagonists and stand for the scope we talked about above. The fact that the life’s shadow is the death explains the dependence on each other’s existence. The last thing we had was the life’s value. How would you paint the “value”? Well, we gave the little girl a small bag that contains gold coins. So the girl carries her value around with her. Big THANK YOU to Patrick from Azrael Design again. He did an amazing work and he really blew our minds with it! :

What future do you see for the band?
-Touring, touring, touring, soundwriting, songwriting, songwriting!

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