FATAL BAND came to me courtesy of reverbnation.com. Not knowing anything about them and finding them intriguing enough I had to set up an interview. Here’s the result of that meeting. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I got to ask you about the band name. Why is there a band added to the name? Could you not have come up with a more original name?
-I don’t agree with you! To my mind the name is quite original. In addition, there are no other bands with such name, there’s only one Fatal Band! Usually, the word “band” is referred to jazz music (i.e. big bands) and is often used in names of jazz bands. For me, jazz is the most experimental music, jazz musicians can improvise well. That’s why the word “band” is used in our name, it hints there is a non-standard approach to the music as well as has some irony. Fatal Band plays “fatal”, experimental music. But there’s no jazz, it’s a mixture of different metal styles

How are we as listener to react to the music of Fatal Band? What is it that you want to say with the music?
-The listener can headbang, mosh, drive a car, make love, drink beer or something stronger. Or he can, lie on the sofa, find out hidden melodies, calculate compound meters as listening to the “complex” music is also a rest. Speaking seriously, our listeners are free to enjoy our music in a way which is the most appropriate for them and Fatal band gives the opportunity to think, meditate or dance.

When I listen to the music I get a feeling of a cross between the heavier side of Max Cavaleras’ Soulfly as well as a death/grind touch. What is it that influences you in the creation of Fatal Band’s music?
-I agree with you about death/grind elements. But you have your own associations while other people may have different opinions. We wanted to make the sound of our last album a modern one, maybe that’s why it reminds you about the band you’ve mentioned. But in fact we didn’t intend to sound like Soulfly and, of course, we don’t copy the music of our favorite bands or their styles! Moreover, sometimes people tell me they hear some elements of bands which I even don’t know! It’s metal and some elements and clichés are used by all metal bands, that’s why we all have something in common.

What kind of intentions do you have with Fatal Band? Is this to be considered a long term project?
-Fatal Band is a long-term project. It was created in 2004 and it will exist, at least, until all my ideas are recorded. That’s why my intentions are serious.

What climate is there for this kind of music in Moscow/Russia?
– In spite of the fact there are many metal bands in Russia and Moscow in particular, this kind of music is alien for the majority of Russians. Only a small percent of the people living here really likes and understands metal. Local gigs have a low attendance. I don’t speak, of course, about gigs of the major foreign bands, they gather great audiences and fans from the whole Russia.

How much of an importance do sites like Reverbnation.com play in the spreading of the music? Are there other ways for you to spread the music?
-Reverbnation.com gives an opportunity to promote music. It’s not crowded yet but people are interested in new music. Reverbnation.com has promotion functions which help to share information on the musical project on other Internet resources all over the world. Now, the Internet is the main source for sharing music. Also I can mention radios and Internet radios.

How serious are you in promoting Fatal Band? Do you play live? Do you arrange photo shoots?
-Now we do not strive to play live frequently (only several times in a year) as our members are engaged in other projects. Photo sessions are arranged when there is a reason, i.e. magazine interview, etc.

What kind of lyrics do you write for the band? Is there anything you like to say with them?
-Most of our lyrics is written by Jack, vocalist. The topics are quite different, mainly they are issues the modern society is concerned about. My principal statement about lyrics – it must not be stupid and related with politics, religion, fanaticism and alike. Fatal Band is a musical band, not a source of propaganda.

How far are you willing to take Fatal Band? When does the band become a burden and not fun?
-We want to make Fatal Band a serious professional project. Our spare time is devoted to the band, it doesn’t bother us.

Are there any greater plans for the future?
-Now we are in a studio. We have songs for several albums. We shall promote our band as far as it’s possible. These are our plans.

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