FATAL ERROR blew me away with their heavy sound. I usually don’t go for that heaviness immediately but there is something to this band that drew me to them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What was it that made you want to play in a band in the first place?
-Greetings, my name is Vyacheslav Smirnov, I am the vocalist in Fatal Error group. I do not know as others, but personally me to play to group has involved an extreme drive, a charcoal fumes and full creative freedom!!

How did you guys get such a heavy sound?
-All business in the excellent firm instruments, talent of writing and the abrupt studio sound producer which knows that from it is required and as it to make.

What kind of influence have Meshuggah had on you and why are they considered the greatest?
-This command has, of course, made some impact on us, to deny it senselessly, but we never aspired to copy someone stupidly. On the contrary, we aspire to write the ORIGINAL material. How much it manages – to be judged to you. Meshuggah not the most abrupt, simply they worked much, put the purposes and went to them. For it they should be respected. Now they serve for many as an example as it is necessary to approach to business.

I know very little about Russian cities apart from Moscow, St Petersburg, Krim and Vladivostok. What kind of city is Perm? Any great metal scene going on?
-Perm – a city of factories, prisons, accidents and any «real boys». Threw a party here on a minimum, sometimes pass local heavy concerts, legendary stars occasionally call in threw and as though all on it. Not densely, in general. All are content with music from ??3 players.

How much inspiration to write music and lyrics do you get from everyday life in Perm?
-Every week-day in Perm – as if a ready track to an album (all was in a reality). 1 – the people who have burnt down alive in a bar; 2 – the broken soft-boiled plane; 3 – the burning car with live people inside which gapers on phones etc. Corruptions remove, washing up of money, the politician.

When I listen to “Conglomerate” I hear so many different influences. How hard is it to write really good songs? When do you know that you’ve written a great song?
-As to music tracks we write all together directly on rehearsal. Each song contains a particle of each musician of group. Therefore a stupor at the material composition doesn’t happen almost. Ideas at one were exhausted; another always has in a stock some counters.
The song successful, as a rule, when all band breaks into a dance and slam. And still when on a point acquaintances come, will take pleasure in the fallen in love tracks, which else weren’t played at all concerts.

I gotta say that the cover to the album impressed me a lot. How do you go about finding and choosing the right kind of art work?
-The cover concept is born in my head in the course of a material writing. Always there is a certain factor which unites all songs, it and becomes the main thought of an album, so – a disk cover. In this case with an album ”Conglomerate”, uniting thought was that all tracks were different years and different in stylistics. A conglomerate – (an armor. conglomeratus — dense, condensed) — connection something diverse, a chaotic mix. On a cover we also wanted to represent this conglomerate. Like it would turn out))))

How much of a help is it to have a label backing you in promoting the band?
-Well, if on a minimum it would be desirable that the label has helped to pay expenses on record, mastering and work of the designer for a cover of a following album the material on which is already almost written. About concerts, rounds and merch also we do not speak.

Is it harder to break into the international metal scene when you come from Russia? Does it feel like you are far away from the European/American metal scenes?
-Well it is certainly hard. Russia never was abrupt threw power as, for example the countries of Europe or America. From here all complexities. It is not enough people listening to the present heavy music. Few the international threw festivals etc., etc.

Where do you like to see Fatal Error going in 2012?
-The band would like to act in several cities of Russia well and if it will turn out, and in near abroad cities. We plan to begin record of our second album. Thanks for questions, buy our disks and come on our performances, won’t regret!!! I am sorry for possible grammatical errors)))

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