I had an interesting discussion with the band FAUSTTOPHEL about this and that. You can read the collected thoughts below. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

The name arose spontaneously. Our vision of the band’s name is rooted in Goethe’s Faust. Where a doctor, a scientist, a philosopher was betted on by God and the devil. And in 1949, John Myers Myers wrote a fantasy novel Silverlock in which we came across the name of a character who represented Mephistopheles but was named Fausstophel. Such wording of the name for a band, in our opinion (both in the past and in the present), precisely reflected the concept of our work. The Equilibrium. The Light and the Darkness in one well of knowledge from which everyone will draw what he or she needs. And of course, not for free…)

From the very beginning, the Fausttophel’s music has been inspired by ‘90s metal bands which are to this or that extent cult or iconic. That is why we do not seek to reproduce modern metal sound. But it is definite that we are not limited by any stylistic bounds, the main thing for our sound is to be heavy, beautiful and, wherever possible, without banality and with high quality.

Naturally, when playing slow, you want to change the mood, add some melodies, and on the whole make arrangement more saturated with instruments, which in faster pieces would only develop into some kind of a mess and prevent the grinder knives from turning )))

The band at the moment includes five people: drummer, two guitars, bass and keyboardist. The latter is at the same time the lead vocal, a free one, since his instrument’s part is prerecorded. Such practice is commonly used now, and it’s rather convenient. The main thing is to have available all necessary cables and connections on the stage. Everything else depends on the sound producer only. Sometimes we invite our own sound producer to gigs, thus dramatically transforming our music in live performances. Well, it would be better to ask our audience about this. But it looks like there were no complaints until now, and that means his job is well done )

Yes, there are already two Fausttophel releases. The first one was worked at by two people, Adams and Mau. Best efforts and energy were put into the minimum, by our measures, term of one year. The second release was prepared by five people already, and we managed to keep within the same term. The first album was our pride for as many as three years, since it was the first one. The second release was a more solid piece of work, both as to arrangements and, in particular, the resulting sound. As of the current moment, we did everything we could in this release, so there is a sort of pride for it )

There is no doubt that now, unlike the time when people (musicians and fans) had to send tapes to each other by post in order to hear some new music, so now there’s nothing easier than to announce yourself – you just have to post your album online and share it with several relevant large web communities. However, this option has the other side – so much material is available now that it’s just impossible to hear all new releases. But we always try to have a couple of our discs with us when going to some gigs or parties. Most often we just give them to people who are somehow connected with music. And of course we can’t help but say… MetalScrapRecords, a label that released two our albums, is working at full blast.

The first release was listened to by almost every European metal portal. And we received a review from each of them. As for the second one, it is planned that it will be heard by the whole world…) For this we express our ardent RESPECT to the label!!!)

Thoughtful minimalism. The front cover should reflect the substance of what a listener will hear on the record, and at the same time it should itself be an individual artwork.
You know, some editions tell of our band as of the Russian one, others write and say that we are a Ukrainian band. Many resources define the band as an international one… As for us, we would put it simply: To feel ourselves human beings in the true sense of the word, we don’t need any flags over our heads. We have no relation to any national scenes. We are men from Earth who, like everybody else, are bound to live within system-related superstitions. Heavy music belongs to the whole of mankind. Metal today faces hard times, and the climate in the post-Soviet area is rather burning, unfortunately…
For money! No one has ever invented a better method.

As of today, enthusiasm is characteristic of the band. There will be 3rd album for sure. As for the rest – the future is misty… and through the mist one can only see shadowy shapes of performances at all big festivals, fame and riches! (hahaha)) There are no psychics among us, but we hope for success and rely on support of our already existing fans.

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