FETUS STENCH is another Swedish death metal band being hailed by all and their mothers. Not that they don’t deserve it. So what are you waiting for? Check out what Andreas Björnson had to say. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How rewarding is it that the album finally is out?
-Well, the recording/mixing and preparation for the release was so intense and life-consuming that all we were rewarded with in the end was high blood pressure and stress induced acne.

OK, so now the hard work starts. How do you plan on getting the maximum out of the album in order to build on the name of Fetus Stench?
-Due to the fact that “Stillbirth” is so overwhelmingly awesome, all we have to do for promotion is to expose one single individual to the music, who in turn loves it and spreads it to 10 other people who love it equally as much and in turn spread it to 100 people who love it equally as much and in turn spread it to 1000 people who love it equally as much etc. This goes on into infinity and we plan on being world reknown rockstars within three months and two days. We will play a few gigs in Norway for full effect as well. Norway is where we have our biggest fan base, at least that’s what we’ve been told. I’m a fan of Norway anyway. And Hammerfall too, but let’s keep that a secret.

How much of a help are the social media in spreading the band’s name? What help are they actually in spreading the name?

How much does it help that you are Swedish in spreading the band’s name? What doyou think of the current Swedish death metal scene?
-Sweden equals quality – it’s as simple as that. We have pioneers/perfectors in every musical genre that is worth listening to. We, Fetus Stench, may not sound like our countrymen exclusively, but the influences are there and they are noticeable if you listen to our album. We try to mix everything that’s good in metal, death metal, black metal or whatever and make it something of our own.
The current state of death metal in Sweden is good/bad. The older bands like Vomitory, Unleashed, Grave and so forth are shitting out awesome albums as always while the new bands suck ass. What the youngsters do nowadays is exactly what Autopsy, Entombed and the likes did 100 years ago and those bands did it 100 times better. The new death metal bands of Sweden today produce albums in low quality, claiming to be old school and true/grim/necro/penis. I know for a fact that they make their records/demos sound like shit because they have no idea how to play their instruments. Fucking imbecilles, fuck off!…There is one exception tho, and that band is called Tribulation (they are relatively new anyway). Those guys know exactly what they are doing. Listen to their record “The Horror” and thank me later….Hey, there’s another exception as well! They are called Corrosive Carcass and they have a brand new album out called “Composition of Flesh”. Raging speed with a raw, clear production as well. I love it!

How did you find your death metal sound? What is it that sets it apart from all other death metal?
-I’d say we have more of a 80’s glam metal sound, rather than death metal. What I think sets us apart from most other death metal bands is our 80’s glam metal sound.

When you write lyrics do they have to follow a specific theme? How do you find the right words to describe what it is you want to say?
-I’m usually drunk out of my mind when I write lyrics so I guess all I really want to say is: WOOOAAAHHHLOLOLOLO

How important is the art work to tell people that “this is a death metal album,stay well clear if you don’t like it”?
-We don’t want people to avoid us by having a disgusting artwork, we want everyone to like it! …And so we put a dead fetus in a pool of blood on the album cover.

I’ve always wondered how you go about getting a really great death metal sound in the studio? Any special tricks to it?
-Hire a guy who knows his shit.

How do you know that you want to growl? Any special techniques to it?
-One tip for growling: Beer. At least five of em before any growl session; live, studio or whatever. Top that with a bottle of jägermeister in the middle of your set and you’ll have a fierce throat that’ll make David Vincent’s penis crawl back into his scrotum. You’ll probably develop a bad manner as a bonus.

What plans for the future do you have now?
-An upcoming world tour in support of our new album, starting in Kristiansand the 14th of September and the last date is in Bergen, the 15th of September. The same year.

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