FLAMMENAAR is a really cool sonic experience. I wanted to know more so I interviewed them. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

Do you feel that it is the way you feel about it thought at the time?
-I appreciate this question refers to the founding from FLAMMENAAR. Honestly, it’s been too long, as I still am If I knew any great expectations then would have. FLAMMENAAR is more or less than a kind of liberation from a year to the Born of exhausting lethargy.

What do you think about your latest recording? Is it come as you expected?
-Our current album GOD’S SON is already here a while back, and the greater the time distance the more likely each of you will feel us the need, essential or immaterial Make changes. Only that would be idle. Of course it has become as we expect it otherwise we would not have published it. But As I said, the time and development of Skills increase the possibilities one has could not use at that time.

Do you feel that you have a sound now? found who is the band and that you are on it can build up?
-No. Our sound should be constant change we never want to be subject to any Album sound the same. Of course we have distinctive Identifiers that characterize our music. But “the” final sound will not be there.

Is it important to include a message in the texts to have? Which topics are you working on?
-It is absolutely important to have a message. in the The center of our texts are surreal dream worlds and the confrontation with our pagan Past. Occasionally we deal us also with social issues, as well as at Hansel & Gretel.

How important is the cover artwork for you? can a really cool cover in this era of digital Downloads still selling an album?
-I do not measure the quality of the cover any big Meaning in. Of course it is an important eye-catcher and theoretically a compact summary the content and quality of the music. But we are in the digital age. If today someone draws attention to a CD through a cover He will, first of all, get the music in before the purchase Listen to internet and then make your decision. If the customer does not like the music, one will no matter how nice cover it probably will not be can move a purchase. This was before the massive spread of the Internet certainly different. I also have a couple there myself Times annoying bad purchases made.

Why is it for bands that are not from the US or UK / Sweden / Scandinavia are coming so hard to make a big breakthrough? What is success for you and do you want to achieve something?
-I do not think that the origin of a band or whose members fundamentally condition their success.
Of course there are strong ones in certain regions Structures what ever the production / Marketing of the respective music on the one hand and of course, the corresponding fan base on the other hand. But the world is getting closer and closer together, and accordingly, they give way Things are stopping more and more. What we want with FLAMMENAAR in the first place, is to produce music that we like ourselves and Eventually finally play in front of an audience. The rest is then.

Today the competition is more difficult. They have many digital platforms for new talents to their To present music. How can you really take off in a world where everything except music is blind to the listener?
-Difficult. There is nothing that is not there now gives. If you look at the history of humanity generally, is always the one to succeed come through existing structures has and has broken new ground.

How is your local scene? How important is one national scene for a band to break out and can become international?
-A local scene as such, us in the band activities there is no support. Support is limited to a handful of friends.

Rock and Metal have been around since the early 70’s come a long way, but the attitude Some people still seem to exist in the Stone Age. How is metal accepted in your region? is
as in Finland, where it seems with breast milk?
-As I said, there is in our circle of friends some people who like our work, but me At most a handful would do the right thing To give understanding for metal. Generally leads this music section, sometimes by the well-known representatives like Metallica or Motorhead aside, rather one Shadowy existence. If you in Germany the whole Great success, then either cheesy Schlager, brightly colored pop or martial, on simple words reduced rap, so everyone Teenagers can yell the nonsense.

What does the future hold for you?
-Record our new album NUSITOS and hopefully finally find a drummer, so we can play live.
Thank you for your interest in FLAMMENAAR!

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