I did an interview with another Carolanian metal band and Syd Polak, the lead guitar from FOES OF THE FALLEN got in touch with me about doing an interview with his band too. Who am I to say no? Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Where does the band name come from? Who are the fallen?
-Back in 2011 before we had a “set” group we were throwing around band names (Silence the Echo, Black Masquerade, etc.) without much luck of finding one we liked. Our drummer at the time, Michael Blake, came up with “My Foes Fall Before I” but it was just long and didn’t roll off the tongue well. So we shortened it up. As for who the fallen are, we like to think of the them as any enemy we have. It definitely doesn’t refer to our fallen solders. We also go as FoTF or just Foes.

When you start a band do you do so with a clear intention of where you want to go both artistically as well as musically or does that come with time?
-I think it kind of molds with time. I mean you can obviously have an intention when you start but it will probably go a direction you didn’t expect. I know half of our guys never thought they would be in a metal band, including myself.

How did the members of FOES OF THE FALLEN come together? How tough is it to get the right people together?
-A lot of random occurrence and luck. Our original line-up was set in Jan. 2012. Due to some issues we had to replace our original drummer and rhythm guitarist last summer. Thanks to the internet and old friends we found our new members and couldn’t be happier. It’s totally one of the hardest things to do in a band to find “like-minded” individuals. I think we just may have done this.

In forming a band is it important that there is a strong local scene? How has the internet changed the feeling of community in being a local band playing local shows? Does it still feel that you are a product of your surrounding area?
-Definitely, you couldn’t really start without some sort of local following. The net has helped us in ways that we would’ve never been able to use without the internet. I feel we are more products of where we are from, but the area did bring us together.

What cool bands are there in your region that you’d like to push for? Is competition a good or bad thing in your area?
-Healthy competition is very important, it helps young bands make friends and craft their sound. We’ve had a friendly competition going on for 2 years now with a band called “I, Echelon.” “Thirst for Clarity” are probably our best friends in the industry and “From Here On Out” (FHOO) are probably our favorite local act. Here are their links:

When you record your first songs do you do that as a sort of showcase just to make your name known or do you do that with a grander intent of becoming world famous?
-We never do anything with the intent of being famous haha, we could care less about all that. All we want to do is hone our craft and make heavy music. We released our first EP last Dec. and its mostly just a collection of songs with no intent.

Is it important that the band has both a musical style that is its own as well as a graphic look that can easily be identified?
-Totally. We have a sound that’s not like any other band out there, and we are working on a look to match. When we are asked what band we sound like, we cannot answer because we are solely unique. We have an old school heavy metal singer, a funk/punk bassist, a jazz drummer, a dream theatre style guitarist, and me, an 80s rock/blues style lead guitarist. Its a very odd and very awesome sound.

What kind of reactions have you had to the band and its music so far? What is the furthest away response that you have had?
-Well the reactions are best at live shows, we’ve been treated like rockstars with the autographs and pics being taken. Online we have quite the buzz thanks to Facebook and YouTube. Our videos are big in Russia which is really cool in my opinion. Furthest response would have to be one of our biggest fans, Som Yoyi Kargam, from Taiwan.

Do you agree that digital is killing the music scene as we know it now?
-Nope, I think if it’s used correctly it will continue to further our industry. Everything changes, just have to understand how to change with it and use it for the better.

What future is there?
-Foes is currently in the CMRR (Carolina Metal Revival Records) Studio throwing down tracks for our upcoming album. It will be our first full length and we are looking for it to be released in March of next year. As soon as we are done recording we are going back on the road. Gotta keep up with the shows and gigs. Maybe even a tour in the works.

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