FOGALORD might be another Italian symphonic metal band but as always there’s nothing common about Italian symphonic metal bands. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I must admit that the first time I saw the band name I thought it to be some sort of joke band. But that is just because it in Swedish sounds like a silly band name. What was it that made you chose this moniker in the first place?
-Ah yes, I can understand your early impressions! Well, the name Fogalord is a wordplay based obiouvsly on the words ‘fog’ and ‘lord’ but we added the letter ‘A’ between them because in Italian the word ‘Foga’ means something like ‘to do a thing with strong power and passion’! I chose this name many years ago (10? 12? I don’t remember!) when I decided to write a concept inspired by an old king who founded the town where I live in the 8th century.

I often think about what it was that turned me on to metal. I find almost as fascinating to find out what turned others on to metal. Why did you guys want to be in a metal band?
-Well, I started to listen to Metal when I was 15 (now I’m 30)… at that time I used to listen almost 100% to classical music (I studied Piano at the Music Conservatory) but one day a school-mate gave me a cd and told me: ‘hey listen to this band, they play with harpsichords and pipe organs… you will like it!’ the album was ‘Episode’ by Stratovarius! So it began…Manowar, Rhapsody, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian etc.. became my passions…followed later also by Black and Viking Metal… and now we are here!

I don’t know if you would label your metal strictly as power but do you feel that there are any limitations to what you can do as a band musically?
-No, I don’t think so, because this album is composed exactly as I wanted to do… I play in 3 other different bands, so I can do different kinds of metal in different ways. With Fogalord I wanted to create a ‘Sword and Sorcery’ legend based on a historical event and so the music goes in this direction 😉

Where do you draw inspiration from?
-My inspiration comes from nature, medieval history, epic books (the Conan novels, LOTR of course, the HP saga) and from my favourite classical composer R. Wagner. In fact I gave to ‘A Legend To Believe In’ a structure similar to a Wagnerian opera: there are several ”leitmotiv” (the FogLord’s theme, the Fog’s theme, the Sword’s theme, etc..) that return during the songs when their subjects appear in the story.

Are there any limitations to what you can write lyrics about? What favourite topics do you write about?
-I don’t think that I have any limitations writing epic lyrics, just because as I told you before I have another band (Synthphonia Suprema, that released 2 cd in 2006 and 2010) which plays modern-electronic metal with futuristic lyrics… so if I want to write something concerning fantasy, swords and battles I can work with Fogalord but when I need to write abstract and sci-fi oriented lyrics I can work for S. Suprema. They are two different sides of me… and I have two different bands to express myself.

How does the art work have to fit with the music? Is it necessary for the art work and music to go together?
-I think that the artwork is very important because it give the audience the ‘ambientation’ of the music. Unfortunately today with the rising of the Mp3’s artwork have lost importance because it’s only a little icon on your iPod…but when you have a Cd (or a LP) in your hands and you start to listen to that, looking, meanwhile, to the cover.. well, I think that it gives you something more, it creates a sorf of connection between you and the music, especially if the arwork fit perfectly the spirit of the music. Our cover was designed by Felipe Machado (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, etc..) and contains many elements connected with the album: the fog, a winter-environment, the warrior, the gates (on the left side, that are sung in the opening track ‘At The Gates Of The Silnet Storm’).

How important is presentation to you guys? How much effort do you spend on getting everything to look the right way?
-If you mean clothes and… weapons, yes we used it on the photo session… but we think that music is much more important: I personally prefer to buy a Cd instead of a t-shirt…

In this day and age of digital downloads has the art work become less important with digital booklets etc.?
-Unfortunately yes, as I write before… Artwork is still important today because it shows people your ‘trademark’ also on the web… but a real printed artwork is always better, for me.

I personally am a CD guy and don’t get the whole point of digital music files. Do you see any danger in the package being less important to music consumers of today?
-Yes, I think that digital music changed the way people use to listen to music. The listenings remain on the surface of a song..if you go on youtube you have hundreds of videos of your favourite kind, so you listen to them only few seconds and if your first impressions are not good you skip immediately on the next track…this attitude, in my opinion, don’t give you the chance to assimilate the message behind music (if there’s a message, of course), because not every song can hit you at the first listening… i.e. the first time that I heard the album ‘N.I.M.E.’ by Blind Guardian I did’t like it so much…and now it is probably my favorite metal album!

What future is there for Fogalord?
-Ah I don’t know… We hope to play a lot of live-shows! And I’m writing the second album so this is for sure! Then we’ll see! Anyway thank you very much for your attention and time… and follow the fog!!

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