Swedish black metal is not just one thing. FÖRDÄRV are more along the line of early Arckanum and that kinda sound than they are Dark Funeral or Marduk. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

To me the name FÖRDÄRV is more the name of a punk or industrial band than it is a name for a black metal band. Why the choice of band name?
-We thought it connected well with the alchemic idea of “ruin” as the first step (Nigredo, which also happens to be the name of our label) on the path to illumination and the atmosphere of the music we want to create.

I guess this might be a hard question to answer but is there a difference to coming from the north with wide un-inhabitated areas playing black metal than it is playing black metal in an urban environment?
When it comes to the music itself I do not think it matters. At least not what we do. FÖRDÄRV has always meant to be an inner journey, to gaze at the inner landscapes. And as such, it is something you always have within you, no matter if you are in the middle of the woods or a metropolis.

Would you even label your music black metal? What is the definition of black metal to you guys?
-To me (true) black metal is a spiritual kind of music. Soundwise it should be really raw and uncommercial for me to label it black metal. Cold riffs, blast-beats and a very primitive, natural way of singing. For me, that is what black metal is about, and yes, I think it´s more than fair to label our music as such.

When you are a Swedish metal band do you feel that you are a part of something great, a tradition that you have to maintain?
-Our inspirations are obviously Swedish, but also Norwegian. Of course, the Swedes were pioneers when it comes to black metal (I think of Quorthon and Dead mainly). So of course, it is a tradition we would like to maintain. Or rather, REAWAKE…

You released an m-CD before the album. What was the choice behind that? What are the benefits of releasing a record like that?
-It was just natural at that particular moment. We started to focus a lot on those particular songs, eventhough we had already made other, more aggressive songs (some of which ended up on our full-length Between the Eternities). We had just got in touch with Katia of Nigredo
and wanted to put something down on a cd. I had quite early the idea of making a “theme mini -album” when the songs started to take shape, and it didn´t feel necessary to make a full length. I am very pleased with The Echo of Emptiness, such as it is.

How does the album compare to the M-CD? Is it a continuation or a totally new entity?
-It is a continuation with a different approach. Mainly, Between the Eternities is a lot more aggressive than The Echo of Emptiness, where we strived for more atmosphere. Where there was a lot of space on that one, we wanted a more claustophobic and bombastic sound on
Between the Eternities. So, some different approaches to the music, but I think it is still very clear that it is us.

What role does a record label play in today’s mp3/digital era? Is it important?
-For us it is important, since we are quite old school ourselves. Working with Nigredo helps us keeping the Underground alive and dynamic. We have encountered the most passionate people in the Underground all over the world and we always say to them: Let´s keep the Flame alive!

How does the cover art fit with the music? Was it a conscious decision to have a b/w cover?
-Oh yes, it was quite conscious. When En came up with the title Between the Eternities I remembered this beautiful sketch from the late Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, depicting a man in a cloak (Death?), standing in a boat on calm waters. I think it goes perfect with the title,
the music, and the theme of the album. Also the latin seal from Gabriel Rollenhagen, which we have in our booklet, plays an important role. Whatever we do with FÖRDÄRV, it is thought through and the music combined with lyrics and coverart is meant to make people start to think more deeply. Only in the Darkness one can find the most important treasures…

What would you say has been your major influences in colouring your sound?
-Apart from our spiritual alchemy and studies (which this project is meant to explore mainly), there are of course, for me, the old school bands like Bathory, Mayhem (with Dead), Darkthrone, Burzum, Dissection and so on. Also some classical music could be an influence once in a while I think.

What does the future hold for you?
-At the moment we are busy promoting our album meanwhile working on new material for a third release. When this will be realised is hard to tell, since we are also quite busy with other things than music at the moment, but we are constantly advancing and the project has never been put to a halt. When the time is ripe, we will once again re-surface…

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