With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to FOREVER STILL, although you should already know of them. Answers from Maja. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

You got a new album to promote. What can you tell us about it?
-The initial inspiration for the album came one evening, when we were watching the news and realised how much the problems we are facing right now resemble those of the dystopian futures, we read about as kids: The government in the pocket of big companies, the serious issues concerning climate change and the media preaching fear and driving us further away from one another. The fact that some of the biggest cyberpunk works of all time, Blade Runner and Akira, are set in this year was a fun addition to our main concept and helped shape the album’s more raw and electronic sound.

Whenever I see anything about FOREVER STILL it is all about Maja. Are you FOREVER STILL personified? What can you tell us about the people behind you?
-Forever Still has always been a band. There are no people behind me, only with me. I initially started the band with Mikkel and together we write all the songs and are the driving force behind everything that is Forever Still. When you are the front woman (or man) of a band, people’s eyes automatically go straight to you as a representative or “face” of the band. We both have different strengths and luckily one of mine is being that, which is usually expected of someone fronting a band.

We live in an information society today? How do handle the demand from people wanting to know everything in an instant? That want you to as a band to be online 24/7 for their convenience?
-It’s all a balancing act, because if you’re online all the time, you won’t be able to create any new material, which essentially is why people are there in the first place. From the get go we’ve always done our very best to stay in touch with our fan base online. At this point, we get so many messages and comments sent our way that we can’t possibly respond to everyone, but we still make an effort to get online every day and communicate with all the people, who appreciate what we do.

How important is it to have a message in your lyrics?
-The lyrics themselves are extremely important to me and I only write lyrics that have a meaning to me. They are born from the vibe and emotion in the instruments and the melody, which I only think makes it more symbiotic as they lift each other up. This is also why I never write the lyrics in advance and then try to fit a song around it afterwards. Lyrics take me a long time to get down and are always one of the very last things, I finish on a song, because I want them to feel just right – sometimes a single word makes all the difference.

I am a huge fan of cover art work. But I feel that today there is a less interest in art work based people downloading single songs.
-That’s probably true. But the cover art will still be the first thing a lot of people encounter online even before listening to the album, so I still consider it to be of great importance that it catches people’s attention and embodies the vibe of the album. For our album artwork, we wanted to have the contrast of something warm, personal and human to the cold, cynical and digital world, because that’s what the different facets of the album are too. You’ll get an even closer look at that once you open up the album booklet, which we’ve put a lot of effort into as well.

I have been following FOREVER STIL on/off since you released Eps on your own. How would you like to describe the journey you have been taken on since the inception of the band?
-That’s really cool to hear! Well, of course we’ve been very happy with the progression of the band. Going from an independent 100% DIY- band to getting a record deal with the biggest indie metal label in the world and then touring all across Europe. I’d say we’re very lucky, but it sure takes a lot more hard work than luck to get to where we are today.

Being a “skåning” I have a Danish history, and living only 20 minutes away from Denmark some of my greatest metal memories are Danish, but I feel that where the Swedish hardrock/metal scene progressed and became world leading the Danish kinda stuck to being comfy with being national. Am I wrong or is there some truth in my statement? Is there too much “hygge” in the Danish scene?
-You’re definitely right about Denmark falling more behind in adding a lot of bands to the international scene compared to our hardrocking neighbours. Granted, we’re a smaller country, but there’s definitely something with a different mentality that comes into play too. I feel like there are many bands, who say they want to be professional and perform internationally, but a lot fewer who actually put in the hard work.

I know that there are still idealists in every country that continues to fight for what they believe in, but do you too notice a change in people’s attitudes towards live music and going to gigs? I am getting close to 50 but I still love going to minor bands gigs and checking them out.
-I think a lot of people’s attention have moved to the internet and it’s really easy to sit at home and watch a live performance on YouTube, which of course is a shame, because it’ll never give you the same feeling as enjoying the music together with a crowd of like minded people interacting and reacting with the musicians on stage.

How much of a touring band are you?
-Touring is a big part of being a band today. Lucky for us, we really love playing live and meeting old as well as new fans, though we don’t have the need to be on the road 365 days a year. “Breathe In Colours” was definitely written to be experienced live as well, and we’re super excited to get to share it with everyone.

What does the future hold?
-Lot’s of good stuff! We just finished up the final music video for the album release on March 29, and we’ll continue to make even more after the the album is out as well as share some more videos from our rehearsal sessions. We also have a lot of tour plans currently in the works. We’ll post the dates to and our social media as soon as they’re official, but it’s already safe to say that we’ll be visiting and revisiting a lot of European cities in 2019!

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