This lot is another cool new acquaintance that I recently discovered. Read the interview with FORLORN PATH and then check out their album. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How important is finding a good band name? What should a good band name contain?
-Are you asking because you think ours is good, or terrible? Haha. Well, personally I think it’s fairly important, since it’s how people identify you. It has to fit the music. It should be something unique and meaningful. And it should sound nice. It took us many months to initially settle down on a band name, and I still don’t know if we actually met all the criteria I just listed.

When I think of USBM I think of an array of bands all sounding differently. Is there a USBM sound to speak of? What defines USBM?
-I don’t really know, to be honest. There are a couple good black metal bands here and there, but I didn’t know there’s such a thing as “USBM”.

What kind of history is there for black metal in the States? How much do you look to the Swedish and Norwegian bands?
-We’re probably not the best example of an American black metal band, since 2 of the 3 members are Russian. As far as influences go, a lot of Scandinavian bands, certainly. But there are also great bands from France, Canada, Germany, etc. that have influenced us.

When you release a record on your own how tough is it to get it out to the right retailers? Has the infrastructure of distribution for independent releases changed?
-We’ve chosen to stick with online distribution. It’s easier to do that these days with sites like bandcamp – that’s been a great tool for us. But overall, things are still pretty tough.

How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? What kind of responses have you had to it?
-We’re quite happy with it. There have been a lot of positive reviews, and many people seem to have captured the messages we were trying to convey, which was our goal. So, that’s absolutely excellent. I still enjoy listening to it, too – I got sick of Intifada right away, but the new album is still enjoyable despite having heard it thousands of times during the mixing. But of course there’s always plenty of room for improvement.

When you’ve recorded an album that turned out awesome how do you follow it up? How do you outdo it with your next one?
-We’ve learned a lot in the process of making this album, so just applying all the lessons we’ve picked up along the way will help a lot. Hopefully we’ll have grown significantly as musicians by the time we record the next one as well.

We live in fickle times where people don’t seem to follow bands anymore but change their likes as often as they change their underwear. How do you build a following today?
-We’re not the right people to ask, haha. Whatever big labels pump money into gets a big following. Even if the music is terrible. Happens all the time. It’s unfortunate. But many bloggers post reviews and otherwise promote independent artists, which has been a big help for us and we’re very grateful for that.

Modern black metal is in its nature dark and people hostile. How do you keep true to its ideals yet still interact with the people that listen to your music?
-I’ve found that many black metal fans are very nice people, actually. But when writing this music, we’re not really looking to be true to the ideals of any genre – only ourselves.

Would you say there is a greater concept to FORLORN PATH?
-There is. The music is meant to address things we feel are important, things going on in the world around us.

What kind of future do you see?
-I find that it’s usually better to focus on the present.

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