I like the cold, dark black metal that Forteresse present on record. It’s like being left alone in a winter wasteland with nothing but snow as far as you can see. Blinded by the snow all you can do is turn to your inner vision for any sort of comfort. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

With a new album out, how pleased are you with the outcome of it?
-We are pleased enough. It ended up surpassing the expectations we had set out for it when we started working on it.

Forteresse are quite a bit into its career. How do you view the progression you’ve made from that first record up till this new one?
-I don’t know. We just record what comes naturally. There is obviously no point in creating the same record over and over so with each new album we try to experiment new directions, while keeping true to the nihilistic doctrine we have followed so far. We just walk the path our hatred takes us to.

In being black metal, what kind of aesthetic do you practice? What is black metal to you?
-To us, Black Metal is about elitism and hatred. It is about voicing our desire for liberation.

To make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for we need to compartmentalize. Do you ever find it restricting having to obey to pre-set ideas of what is what or do you feel free to do whatever you like and still have people following you?
-We do what we like. If people do not like it or disagree with what we do with Forteresse we certainly do not care.

How important is the regional underground scene in forming the band’s direction? Are there anybody specific locally that influenced you to go in the direction you went?
-Many things inspire us from people who led our province towards liberation to earlier Québécois Black Metal projects. We have a few worthy allies within the Québécois Black metal scene, mostly in Québec city. Projects that share our views regarding the freedom of our province and importance of our culture and language.

What is it you want to achieve with Forteresse? How has the idea changed compared to the way it looked when you started?
-Forteresse is the voice of our nation’s grief. It displays our disgust of today’s society and explores the dark regions of our province’s forests and mountains. It is the wrath of our ancestors and the cold wind of old in our faces. This was and will always be what this project is about. This is what we wish to achieve through our sonic explorations.

I’m not implying that Canada is backwards or anything but it seems that not too many extreme metal bands have made it big lately outside of Canada. Do you have any idea why that is?
-I do not know nor care. Making it “big” is way beyond the point of creating Black Metal.

How important is it to promote the band for you?
-All promotion is done by our labels. Very little promotion is made by the band directly other than a few rare interviews. We recently put up an official Facebook account only so that people may get information regarding the band and available merchandise straight from us and not unofficial, erroneous sources.

Once you let something you’ve created go it will be there forever. Does that feeling of having a legacy ever scare you? That people will still be listening to your music even after the band is gone.
-What we do of the time we are spending on earth justifies the reason we are born in the first place. If we manage to leave our dark mark through our music then we will have accomplished an important part of our objectives.

Do you see Forteresse taking you long into the future or do you see an end for it?
-I do not know about this. Only time will tell. There is no point in speculating in this as there is no way in telling what will happen tomorrow.

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