I’ve been aware of FOUREVER for a long time and every time they’ve played my home town I’ve been working so when I saw that there was an album out I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The new album’s been a long time coming. Why has it taken so long for you to release an album?
-There are some different causes to that. One thing was that we recorded in the studio whenever we had the time, so we didn’t have any time pressure. The other thing was that we had to continue the album in an another studio after everything had been recorded, so it took some extra time to fix things up, that was lost or changed on the way. These two were only some of the reasons, among many others, why it took such long time.

Fourever has been going for some time now. You seem to have played all over Sweden. Has there ever been a time when you’ve been thinking of giving up?
-Well, of course it has struck our minds and we have thought of maybe cutting down on the gigs, but that has never happened. We love everything that has to do with this life. Without the music, there would be a great emptyness. We love to play our music live and we are so grateful that there are people all over the world that has taken the chance to see us in different countries and also supporting us by buying our cd, t-shirts and so on.

How frustrating has it been not to break big when everybody seems to praise you all over the place? What has the struggle taught you that you can benefit from in the future?
-There are so many talented musicians and bands out there. That makes it so much harder to “succeed”. But then again, what do we mean by succeeding? There are alot of ways to see it on. For example, we never thought that we would do a tour in Egypt, or play together with great bands like Sabaton and have 10 000 people in the crowd, just to watching us in Czech Republic. Hard question indeed.

What is it that makes people want to sacrifice almost everything to be in a band? What is so special about playing hardrock/metal that you almost give up everything else?
-It is a great feeling to be in a band. You feel such a huge affinity, when you, together with others can create something. That’s totally priceless. And in our minds, on stage you can be exactly whatever you want to be. A rockstar. And off stage you can return to your being and then you yearn for the next gig. That’s whatt makes it easier to never give up. You just can’t!

There has been some pretty cool “girl bands” in the past. Where did you draw your inspiration from when you started the band? Was there a certain band that you looked up to and thought that we want to be just as successful as them?
-To be honest, the bands we’ve looked up to has always been bands that has consisted mostly of men. Our dad has a great collection old records he has collected for many many years. Here we found bands like Rainbow, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Twisted Sister and it was because of these bands that we started to love this kind of music. There was also The Runaways, Joan Jett and the Black hearts, Girlschool and Vixen in his collection, so we knew that it didn’t matter which gender you have. Everybody can be a rockstar!

I have no idea what it is like to be a woman and play in a band, well I have no idea what it is like to be in a band period. Does it sometime feel that you have to carry the banner for all women in hardrock/metal instead of being looked at as just another band?
-Well.. This is a “that kind of a question” that you could talk about for ages without getting any further. When we started with the band and gigs all over Sweden and other countries started to roll in, there were many who said that we didn’t had a chance. In the beginning it felt as they were right, but after many years of practicing, writing, composing and touring, we’re convinced that being a woman in this category isn’t anything different then being a woman in, for example, the industrial sector. Of course we have to work a little bit harder to convince people that we, like anyone else, has the right to be here. But still, there are many “hardcore metal lovers” out there that doesn’t think women has anything to do in the hardrock/metal world! But to hell with them! They just don’t know better.

I know it is 2012 but does society treat you differently simply because you play in a band? Do you get a lot of ”grow up and get a real job” kind of comments from people that don’t understand your desires and needs?
-Well, it happen occasionally. Mostly people who are older thinks you should study instead and make a “real” career. It’s often a common way to think of music, that it’s more suited as a hobby and not like a job. But the truth is that in a band you have to work much harder, do more hours than on a “regular” job, and still get paid less. Because there’s always many things to do. You have many projects running just to keep everybody interested, you need to write new songs all the time, the band needs to practice together, and you as a musician has to develop all the time yourself and all the gigs must be planned and so on.. The list can get longer.. It isn’t always a bed of roses..

When you come from such a small place like you do does everybody know who you are? What kind of reactions to you get from your home town crowd?
-There are both good and bad things when you live and come from such a small town as we do. This town is great, though. We’ve always got the help that we wanted and needed from teachers, the municipality, parents and the huge patience from our neighbours who have heard our dear drummer banging the drums for hours and hours, day after day.. If we would have come from a larger city, this might never have happened. We are also ambassadors in our home town, and that feels great. And the good thing of living in south of Sweden is that we have much closer to other countries in Europe.

With an album out, a management in Germany and a summer of festivals what can go wrong now?
-Nothing, we hope. But though the album is out, the hard work starts now. Now we need to sell as many as we can and play as often as we can and also start to write new songs to the next album. So this summer will be intense, with some gigs and also start writing new songs so that we can hit the studio sometime during the winter months. That would be great!! We will also try to do some new music videos, ’cause that’s a newfound passion of ours! It’s so much fun!

How do you plan on making the most of the fact that you have an album out now?
-We are going to do as much as we can in different ways. Like I said earlier, we would love to do some new music videos and of course, try to do many gigs so we can, hopefully, increase our fans. Music is our life, it’s that simple!

Thanks, Anders.

Thank you Anders.Take care! /Fourever

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