I had doubts that FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING would still be as good as they were the first time around I heard them but they proved to have stayed true to their intentions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You have been signed to Metal Blade, a classic metal label, and you are now on an up’n’
coming label, Cyclone Empire. How much of a difference is there in the two labels?
Sam: However there are three labels in our history. The first record was released on Sylphony
Creations, Sascha´s own little label in the zero-years. We were on Metal Blade with two albums and
for a band from the underground it was a great experience to be on a classic metal label. They did a
good job, but finally it turned out that they were too big for us. We are very happy to have found
such certain and professional partners in Cyclone Empire. The best is that they have enabled us, to
release our new album also on vinyl. They must be love our music;) They know their metal!

I remember you as a Gothenburg styled death metal band. How do you feel that you’ve
progressed over the years?
Sam: Perhaps we are nostalgic for that matter. We have never had the ambition to play
pure Gothenburg styled death metal from the 90´s. Furthermore it was our desire to play
Swedish styled death metal in all the facets we like, from invidious Stockholm sound over
harsh and blazing, melodic or blackened elements. Over the years we still love that sound,
which you can listen to on our new album. I think we have stepped it up a notch.

What would you say was the thing that got you to choose your band’s sound when you
Stefan: Everything started years ago on a party of a friend. Sascha and I wanted to leave but due
to guy who parked his car in front of ours we had to wait until he was found. We knew each
other for quite some time and during the waiting time we found out that we both had a favour
for this Swedish-styled death metal with band like edge of sanity, at the gates, dissection and so
on. He was playing in Mortified back then and me in Veneral Disease, so we said: “Come on,
let’s do a Sweden project together”! And that is how it all began.

How hard was it to come up with the band’s name? Where did it come from and what
does it mean?
Stefan: The name comes from the Edge of Sanity album “Spectral Sorrows” from the song
“Darkday”. In the first line it says “…like fragments of unbecoming…”. In a wide context it
means parts of something incomplete.

You’ve released a couple albums now. How do you feel that the albums stand up to each
other now that you have had time to reflect over them?
Sam: I like every chapter of us. Every record has its own feeling and a diverse sound beginning
from Chapter one (Bloodred Tales) over chapter three (Sterling Black Icon) till Chapter five (The
Art of Coming Apart). Hm, nice pieces of deadly metal. However we thought about re-recording the
Bloodred Tales mini. Let´s see what the future brings.

What is the hardest part in writing a new album? Where do you get inspiration from?
Stefan: The most difficult part in songwriting is to write riffs which don’t sound like you’ve
heard them a 1000 times before (which is nearly impossible in this genre ;-)). After having
written some cool riffs they have to be put in the right song structure. This is also the part where
all other bandmembers put their ideas together and create a song. Everybody is involved in this
writing process actively, so that the song can evolve and turn into a real crimson melodic death
metal monster, hehe. The inspiration for me comes from the music I prefer to listen to in private. I think it is not difficult to figure out which are my favorite bands.

How much time and effort do you spend on the art work and lay-out? How important are
promo shots?
Christopher: The artwork is a very important part of Fragments of Unbecoming. I think it
reflects in a way the mood of the album like the old church and the webs and everything on
“The Everhaunting Past”. This time Sascha spend again so much time in creating an awesome
new artwork for “The Art Of Coming Apart”. It fits perfect to the title in every part of the
booklet, which is this time 24 pages thick. And in addition, the black & white style is just some
kind of paying tribute to the swedish-death metal style we play (to be precise we call it now
“crimson melodic death metal art”)and the oldschool-like sound Ingo and Dan created.
The promo pictures also play a role in the whole concept. They have to fit in perfectly. So again
thanks to Sascha: he makes them fit like they have been shot exactly for this kind of layout. This
time we went outdoors for the first time to take some promo-pics.

How much do you think about how people perceive you when they see photos or art work
the first time around? What kind of message do you want to send with the way the band and its
art work looks?
As said above, I think when you spend enough work in doing a good artwork, people will
recognize it. Especially because in the metal sector people still buy records and cds. You get
value for money. In our case, with this oldschool like layout you know what you can expect
from the album even if you don’t know us or haven’t heard about us yet.
But I don’t think we want to transport some kind of message with this artwork or pictures like
when you see a front cover of Napalm Death or Misery Index, you always have a huge
socialcritic message behind it. We want to transport a certain kind of mood. Just think of “The
Art of Coming Apart” or “A silence dressed in Black” or “Four Winters” when you look at the
front cover, just to name the titles of 3 songs you find on this album.

How much of touring band is Fragments of Unbecoming? How much touring can you do
as an independent band?
Easy question to answer: we are not a touring band. Not because we do not love to play live.
The reasons are our regular jobs. See, Sam works as a teacher and is bound the the holidays, he
can’t just take a few days off like we others. And it is very difficult to coordinate the rest of the
bands vacation with some kind of touring schedule. We would love to do a weekend tour or perhaps a few days tour in the next year, but we have to look what we can do. As an independent and underground band like us it is not that easy to organize a good tour.

What future do you see?
I see a great future ahead of us. The reviews so far are awesome, I think we get the best
comments and reviews ever. I’m looking forward to our releaseparty in January with Deserted
Fear and December Flower, two awesome germand death metal bands and of course to the
Party.San Gig next year. I hope there will follow some more gigs and a little tour. And of course
we will start writing songs for the next Fragments of Unbecoming release.

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