It feels like I’ve chased Frantic Amber around a block trying to get them to answer my interview but finally I managed to get them to take some time off. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

There are those metalheads that think women only should be in front of the stage and not on it. What do you say to idiots like that? How do you argue against them?
-Our producer at the moment (Ralph Santolla) sometimes says: “Music belongs to everybody”. He is totally right about that. Who has the right to judge who has right to play or not? If they don’t like us then too bad, it’s not going to make us quit playing. Just like they are not forced to listen anything. We have the right to play the music we want as anybody else.

Where did the idea to start a band come from?
-We all have been playing in different bands for years, it was not stranger for us to form a band with the style of music we wanted to play as it is for guys that also plays.

Who is Amber and why is she Frantic?
-For us Amber is either a person or the tree resin amber that’s used in jewelry. The name Frantic Amber is a mix between something feminine “Amber” and something furious and energetic “Frantic” and that is meant to summerize the core of the band.

I don’t like to compromise my conviction. How do you get five individuals to move in the same direction?
-I think this is a problem in all bands. We try and solve it by having common goals and that normally works well for us.

If you check the length of the songs on your first ep you’ll notice that they clock in between 3 – 4 minutes. Is that a conscious decision to try and write interesting songs within that frame?
-The EP was first made as a demo of our songs and the length of the songs is more of consequences of our recording budget at the time. All of the songs on that EP have longer live versions.

Is there any advantage to just recording 5 tracks at a time instead of a full length album?
-The only advantages in that is that it reduces the recording costs and it takes less time. In all other ways, price for product, promotion, for booking etc, it’s better to do a full-length CD which we hope to do sometimes soon after our second EP.

Stockholm is in a way Sweden’s New York in that it is there everybody from all over the world settles down. With all your different backgrounds is there a way to benefit from it?
-Well, it’s because of that our band even exist. We have members from three different countries beside Sweden (Norway, Denmark and Japan). If we hadn’t gathered here we probably would never have meet.

I’m always impressed by people’s drive. How do you put together a tour as a unsigned band without no real backing?
-Normally something doesn’t start before you found at least one serious contact in that country. Then it’s all logistics and budget of course. You need to be able to book the number of shows so the money from the gigs covers the costs.

When you go on tour with no label support and no greater financial backing how do you survive on the road?
-You often need to put out with own money upfront, then see to it that you are getting all of your money back from the gigs that you made your budget from and hopefully a little bit more.

In a time when social medias have taken over most of people’s interaction is it easier to promote your band today or does it actually take more effort to get people to react?
-The biggest difference is that the band itself needs to understand how the media works to reach out. You can do a lot of guerilla promoting for free but instead a lot of the responsibility is put on you.

When you are a rather unknown metal band what does it mean to get attention from the main stream media?
-We are really glad that the main media has started to show an interest in heavier music. We don’t play pop/metal either, so it’s them coming to us. But we never really tried to be the hardest band ever either, we just want to make and play our own style of melodic death metal.

When you get nominated for any kind of award how important does it become to win? Is it enough to just participate or do you really wanted to win?
-For us is more important to play than the competition itself. We don’t want to change our sound or image to fit a contest. We believe that if you are true to yourself and do what you want and believe in and keep getting better and better that rather will make you a winner in the long run than any contest.

If you were to speculate about the future, where do you see Frantic Amber in a year?
-We are releasing our debut album and are booking our first longer tour. It is a dream of course to have found a label and all of that, but the main thing that is important to us is to come out with our music and play!

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