Italian prog metal. It makes my mouth water. FROM THE DUST RETURNED might be what the doc ordered. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

Could you please introduce yourself to those of us in the dark?
-We are an italian progmetal band born in Rome in 2015 and our music is a combination of heavy metal, rock, progressive and psychedelic elements that move through dark atmospheres and acoustic melodies. Our line-up is: Alex De Angelis (vocals and guitars), Marco Del Bufalo (vocals), Miki Leandro Nini (bass), Danilo Petrelli (keyboards and sound engineer), Luca Zavelloni (guitars), Cristiano Ruggiero (drums)

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
(Alex) I always had a great love for any kind of music and the idea of playing any instruments has always fascinated me. I started with the piano, but when I saw a friend playing the guitar I realized it was the instrument I wanted to play. Instead I began to sing just for fun pushed by some friends and since then I’ve not stopped.
(Marco) Even before discovering that I could become the lead singer of a band was born “the need” to become one. When you realize that singing in the audience at lives or imitate your favourite singers in the home it’s not enough more, that’s a clear signal that you have to try. The rest is made of repeated tests, the study of some techniques, expert advice singers and finding your own style.

When did it become a revelation that you can do this and maybe get paid for having fun, instead of just putting out all the money?
(Alex) We don’t know if it will be possibile, for now we’re just trying to make our own music.
(Marco) A few months ago but I agre with Alex.

When you spend an amount of your life on a band does it ever feel like you have wasted time, that you have fought one too many windmills?
(Alex) I never thought of fighting against the windmills, rather I tried to focus to overcome the difficulties and only listen to my feelings. Sometimes I have to give up but I knew how to take that time as a new beginning.
(Marco) The feeling is rather that we have wasted time doing other things instead of music. The emotional and rewarding that I have writing lyrics and singing, it comes only after anything offered by my family. And then we want to say how cathartic is scream like a possessed in front of a mic or a stage? Anyway I want to clarify that no windmill was injured during the recording of our album.

No matter how small or big you were as a band you will leave a legacy behind you. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
-We hope that people perceive and appreciate our musical identity.

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
– (Alex) I don’t think so because the release of one or two songs will never give the full sense of the whole album, but I believe that the digital release of some songs could intrigue the listener and maybe bring him to purchase the complete album.

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal there is out there?
(Alex) I think that the right thing is always to do your music in your own style and using your own language. If we only think about the way we want to give our musical message diversification occurs automatically, because each one of us thinks differently.
(Marco) If the music that you propose does not even need a visual theatrical compnent or similar, the image of the band must be real and not a “disguise”. For example imagine a guy like me in hard poses or with black leather dress always makes me laugh.
Do you deal in different topics lyrically or do you keep to one, just using different variations?
(Alex) We really like to talk about inner problems, because they have many different and interesting aspects and we try to do this in different ways.
(Marco) The human psyche provides a source of unlimited themes and absolutely fascinating. The conflict that takes place in our minds every day, also due to some deleterious social conventions for man, is now the base for the principal theme for our beautiful lyrics.

Do you consider yourself a live artist or do you like to spend most of the time secluded in a studio?
-Some of us love to perform live all the time while others prefer to close in the studio and always work on new material but we chose to wait for the lives to focus on the new album

How much of a touring band are you guys? What memories do you take with you?
-Fantastic memories. The chance to work with many people with whom you have the same passion and always find the bright side or a smile in the most absurd situation.

What does the future hold?
(Alex) A little surprise at the end of the year for those who follow us and the new album, which will be a concept album. We are already working for this.
(Marco) ???

ALEX DE ANGELIS (voice, guitars)

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