There are places that makes Hicksville seem like the center of the universe. I have no idea what it is like to come from a small place that is hardly on the metal map. I had some help from FROSTHELM o sort that out for me. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I can’t say that I know of that many metal bands from any of the Dakotas. What kind of metal scene is there in Minot and N Dakota as a whole?
-Minot’s metal scene is pretty sparse, but if you look hard you might found a few.

How much of an inspiration is the place you come from?
-It’s really difficult to live in an environment like this and it not have an impact. The plague of winter here can be daunting, and outright insanity can ensue. So suffice to say the winter brings plenty of down time to work on our brand of satanic wizardry.

When you come from a place like North Dakota how much of an influence do you draw from the origin of its inhabitants? How much does old folklore play part in the sound of Frosthelm?
-My upbringing was probably a little different being who I am and where I am from, and I grew up listening to old stories; some of them pretty scary. I guess they are a part of who I am, so I would say that has some influence albeit indirectly.

What would you say has been your greatest inspiration sources in shaping the sound of Frosthelm?
-The aggressive sound of heavy metal guitars. The first time I heard an E power chord, I knew that I had to learn how to play.

How would you like to describe your sound? How would you like for your sound to be tagged?
-I’ve always thought of us as an extreme metal band. We draw from a ton of different influences musically and it’s easy to hear that. We could easily be filed under many different genres like thrash, black metal, melodic, death ect., and I use those terms to describe us sometimes. However it’s probably best to come up with your own conclusions.

When you release an EP what is it that you want it to achieve for you? Why start with an EP?
-I think of an EP as a compass of sorts. You give it a listen, and it can tell you where to go from there. Our compass seems to be pointing straight north on this one.

When you release a record on your own how much of a job is that? How do you know what to do and where to find the right kind of people?
-Honestly, it was pure hell. We decided to do it on our own because we had a certain sound in mind. I think we achieved what we were looking for for the most part. We learned a whole lot about the recording process, what works, and what doesn’t work. but most importantly we learned a lot about each other. Being holed up in a makeshift studio you get to see your band mates at their worst, and you also get see them in their most shining of moments.

What kind of live scene are you a part of? What kind of opportunities are there to play live for a band like yours?
-We recently re-located to Bismarck. It’s a lot closer to the cities (Fargo, Minneapolis, etc.), and definitely there is a lot more going on there musically. It’s kind of a pain because two of us have a 2-2 1/2 hour drive to get to practice, but we seem to make it work. North Dakota does have some really awesome metal acts though. Gorgatron, Enviovore, Arrested for Sorcery, and Egypt just to name a few. Bigger bands coming to town are few and far between. Due to hectic schedules our shows average 1 every month or so, but that should change once we get us a little tour schedule going. But as long as we are releasing albums on a regular basis, I can deal with not having too busy a schedule.

What is that you want the band to bring to you? What do you expect to get out of being in a band?
-In all honesty We try to not have any kind of expectations. We are stoked to play whether there are 5 people in the crowd, or whether there are 500 people in the crowd. We definitely aren’t in it for the money, that is for sure. hahaha But we definitely love the recognition we’ve been getting as of late. We just want to get better and better and better as the releases go by. Oh and label support would be awesome.

What kind of future do you envision?
-A world covered in ice, full of death and destruction. We can dream can we not?

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