I LOVE FINNISH METAL!!!! So many great bands to discover that you really don’t need to look elsewhere. Juho Patinen of FROSTTIDE answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Being Swedish I get quite jealous of the Finnish metal artists? chart success every time a new album is released. Why is there such an interest for metal in Finland?
– Difficult question. There’s no hidden secrets or anything like that. We just do what we want to do and that’s it. All music comes spontaneously. Straight from heart.
And if someone likes our music, it is great thing to us.

How do you as a relatively small metal band benefit from the interest there is for homegrown metal
– Let’s turn it over. If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t be able to get listeners from all over the world. And this little audience is the way to bigger scenes. If there wasn’t the interest for homegrown metal or music anyway. There would be only big record labels who just creates the artists. Underground music is the richness of music. Otherwise there would be only Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas.

How do you see Frosttide fit in with the rest of the Finnish metal bands?
– Perfectly I guess. Our music has the melancholic tone which is pretty typical for Finnish music. I bet every consumer of metal can hear that.
Especially the listeners of folk metal.

Just by reading the name you seem very much influenced by winter and coldness. Why such an interest in the darker months of the year?
– Here in Finland the winter is cold and long and includes the summer. And the dark season is also long. So it’s kind of a big part of us. And when we make music spontaneously, the winter is pretty natural choice. It’s funnier to tell stories about something that you have felt and seen.

How do you take the darkness of nature and transform it into music?
– Again pretty difficult question. I don’t know how it happens. We don’t try to do it. It just comes. And that’s pretty cool.

Are there a special mythology connected to winter or is it inhabited by the same creatures in winter as in summer?
– I don’t know about mythologies. We just write what comes to our mind. We don’t re-write stories or history. All our lyrics are imagination.

Why do you think that the folklore concerning the forest is still alive today? How vibrant is the old folklore in Finnish aural tradition today?
– Nowadays in Finland there’s not so vibrant folklore in our weekday. But it’s still present in many books and songs. I guess that’s why finnish folk metal
bands wants to tell stories about finnish folklore. It’s escapism. Cool thing that you can’t face in real life. So you write songs about it.

Would you describe yourself as a folk metal band? Where do you draw inspiration from?
– Frosttide is melodic and aggressive metal band which has some folk elements. We just use our imagination.

What is folk metal and why do we see so many bands of that kind coming from Finland?
– Folk metal is metal music which has infuences from folk music and instruments.
I don’t know. Maybe there’s just many guys in Finland who like to do folk metal.

What plans do you have for Frosttide?
– Well, many plans. I can’t tell you everything. We have a lot of new songs written and we are heading to studio as soon as possible. I can’t promise anything about the release date but we’ll do our best to get new stuff out during this year.

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