FUNERAL pretty much defines what funeral doom is all about. This Norwegian band has been through more sorrow than pretty much all other bands have yet they still carry on. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How hard was it to come up with the band name in the first place? How does the name match where the band is today?
– Back when we picked that name, we wanted a name to reflect our music, and my thoughts regarding this was giving the listener an atmosphere attending a real funeral, which is both sad and beautiful at the same time. Something which has always been a goal with my music.Some say we are saluting depressions and sadness, I say we praise melancholia and the beauty in this.This is still my vision of both the name and our music to this day..

When you go through difficulties both in your personal life as well as in the life of the band, how hard is it to get through them, to see a better scenario at the end of the tunnel?
– It always depends on the matter, really..I am quite a positive person(believe it or not), and I always try to think that there are better days ahead,even though it does not seem so in the moment..So I will say one will find a light in the tunnel, alright..Almost all bad things go away with time, one just have to stand up, not giving in and look for brighter days. I have over the years received feedback from fans telling me they find some kind of comfort in our music, that makes me really humble, and also gives me strength to continue writing music. I will though point out that I mainly write music for myself, and it’s really a way of channeling out different emotions..

When you`ve released a couple of records how do you continue coming up with new stuff to write and record?
– I constantly write music, and I am aiming to do this until there are no music left inside. There is no problem so far. Concerning records, I always aim to top previous efforts, and have high expectations to myself. This is often a task. It’s a lot of songs I have not used on an album, because I find them too weak..Often I have these projects lying there, and try to pick up the tread years later, and it often works. So whenever there is a record out, there are always some really old material in there somewhere. There is also a matter of line-ups and new ears, giving you new ideas and so forth..

What is it that makes somebody want to be a part of a band? What do you get out of being creative?
-For me it was very natural. I have always had a huge fascination for music, and started very early playing guitars, later on starting different bands. I had a goal as a kid actually, to start a proper band and get a record deal, and I worked towards that goal for many years. It’s a great way of expressing emotions, and it’s a kick when you are in a band that works good, really. Of course it’s also a matter of playing the music you love, and music you don’t necessary find elsewhere. I get some sort of kick and satisfaction of being creative, and writing music which also other people like.

Do you feel that Funeral get the appreciation that you feel you deserve?
-Sure..Maybe not in Norway, though..It seems like doom-metal never really get much fans here, as everyone are into BM it seems. We daily get correspondence from people everywhere else, though..But as mentioned earlier, I really get a kick out of even if one person likes the band..The music is mainly written for ourselves, and is a way of letting out creativity. it seems like it always is some doom-metal inside that wants out, Funeral is our cure.

How different are the responses you get from abroad compared to from home? Where do you see Funeral doing the best?
-As mentioned above, we always get much more positive reviews and appreciation abroad..I know Germany really likes us. We have also done very well in Italy, Belgium, and really in all European countries, as well as the middle east, south and north America.

When you play slow music what are the greatest challenges? How do you keep it interesting?
-Well, we like longer and slower songs, so we try to write them not too monotonous. try to break them up with only orchestra, choirs etc. But in our music the songs are not prog- metal, and people liking doom-metal know what they get. Personally I like all our songs, maybe the slower ones the best. It’s also a task drumming these beats. I always try to fill in with some not too technical drumming, but something that you can actually hear that I don’t just play 4/4 beats in 80 b/m. I think this lifts the music a bit, and makes it more interesting listening to. We do the same with guitars, solos, bass guitars(even using fretless bass this time)..So there are a lot of layers in the music, that will take a while to discover…The same thing with the orchestration.. A lot of details.

If you were pressed to put a label on your music as a selling argument what would that be?
-doom-metal, spiced with bombastic orchestration, lots of memorable melodies, variety and atmosphere.

How important are the social media these days in the promotion of the band? Is there any danger in relaying too much on the impact of the social media?
-Very important if you want to succeed as an artist and get your name out there. Paper mags hardly exists anymore, so you definitely have to rely on the underground via social network. As a band Funeral already have a name, because of the length of our career and the amount of record-releases. New bands will have bigger problems, I believe, because of all the new bands out there..

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