UK has always had a strong hardrock scene even though it lately has been very quiet. FURYON might be a band to change that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I‘m a sucker for a good band name. I‘m wondering if the band name is a combo of Fury and On? What meaning is there behind the name?
-Well Yeah that how Fury-on thing was a bit of an afterthought. It’s got a good ring to it. Initially it was an idea that sprang up infront of us after the whole Chronicles of Riddick Thing.

When you come from the UK you have a history to relax on. Does that add any pressure to come up with the goods? Are you judged harder than bands from mainland Europe?
-I’m not sure about that. Infact I’d say no not really. There are so many amazing bands from European Countries.

When you play melodic hardrock/metal you are often accused of selling yourself to the Americans. Where do you see your greatest potential to make it?
-Really I see it being America. With the right push behind a good album it can do wonders. With no push or very little, it’s a miracle that even a great album would get a chance. But, we live in hope and we are working very hard towards these goals.

How hard is it to make it in the music scene today? How has the change in the way people consume music affected the bands?
-It is harder these days. But still, metal music is still a scene that likes to look after it’s own. ‘Chris Jericho’ was talking about this same thing at This year’s Metal Hammer ‘Golden Gods Awards’. As long as the fans buy the merch and get to the live shows. Some are always going to get the music for free somewhere. I personally support artist I like by buying the music.

I imagine that the live scene in the UK is made up in large of pub gigs. What kind of places do you draw the best crowd?
There are a lot of pub gigs here but mainly we play small clubs around UK.

I feel that the live scene has changed, that it is more seasonal now. How do you plan a tour when the summer season is full of festivals?
Well we have shows booked and are booking for after the summer. We are playing Bloodstock festival next!

Is it hard to promote a band today when people seem to spend most of their time before a computer screen?
-Well it’s made it easier in some ways. Smaller bands to almost anybody with a recording can promote the music these days. The down side is that everything one does can get documented. Back in the day, all you saw on TV/online was the best of what ‘bands’ and the labels wanted to show you. But it gives a more realistic effect.

What kind of reactions have you had to your album? Do you feel that you have maximized the potential of it?
-Great reaction. Never quite maximized though.

Is there something you feel that you are missing that you’d like to see happen to the band?
-Huh? Shit loads of money maybe. That helps with bands. And other things of course.

Where will we see Furyon in a year’s time?
-You will see Furyon recording album 2 for sure. That’s a given I’s say.

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