Had it not been for hardcore who knows what our beloved thrash scene would look like. Anthrax and even Slayer have paid the HC scene huge tributes in the past. So give Austrian HC mob GIVE EM BLOOD a big cheer. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The label describes you as metalcore, and while I do hear traces of that I’d describe you more as a hardcore band. Where do you see your music fit in the best?
-Hmm I would say that our music fits right in between those two genres, but we all grew up with Hardcore so I guess that´s the reason why there are more HC influences in our music. Also I guess every Band says that but when you are in a Band you write music for the enjoyment of listening to it so it´s quite stupid that you have to put your music into a certain “sub-genre”.

How political is the band? Has politics totally disappeared from hardcore these days?
-We try to stay away from political Lyrics as much as we can. I think music is music and politics are politics. And no, there are a lot of political Bands out there but in the end it´s all about the music. At least that´s how we look at it.

I grew up with punk and a feeling of community. Is there anything of that left in today’s scene?
-When it comes down to Bands I would say yes. Almost all Bands that played more than once with us are now good friends of ours so we are always happy to share the stage again, help each other out, have fun and stuff. When it comes down to the audience it depends. I always feel like an outsider when we play shows in different countries, maybe it´s because we are from Austria I don´t know hahaha

How much of DIY is there still left with bands signing to labels that are way more organized than they used to be in the 80s and 90s?
-I guess it´s almost the same because if your Band is signing to a Label you still have to think about every move you make. Having a Label doesn´t say that you can sit back and let others do the work for you. You still have to book your shows, write your music, design your shirts, pay your bills… I don´t want to say anything wrong cause I have no clue how Bands used to work in the 80´s but that´s how I see it.

How much has the social media played in desensitizing people? Are people as involved as they were in the 70s and 80s?
-Haha once again I don´t know how it was in the 70´s and 80´s. But nowadays the social media is one of the most important things for a Band.

Can you make a career out of playing hardcore? Do people still shout sell out if you sell records?
-I don´t think so. It´s soo hard to get recognized out there in this mess of Bands nowadays. And i think they would shout that we are selling out even if we are not.

What would you say are your greatest influences/inspirations?
-Puhh hard question. I would say everything good I guess haha I don´t want to pick any Band because there are so many. But anything from Black Metal to Hardcore.

What part of today’s life do you use as fuel for lyrics? What are you lyrics mainly about?
-On this record we decided to write about a relationship story based on the seven sins. So you have seven songs on the record, each song stands for a sin with personal note from myself.

What is Austria like as an extreme music country? I don’t get too many releases by Austrian bands sent to me.
-It´s hard for a Band like us to grow even in our own country but there are a lot of good Bands in Austria. I have to pull the friendship card now haha Check out Forever in Decay, Treated, SHOWYOURTEETH, Red Square Scenario, Almost failed, to name but a few.

What would you like to plan for the future?
-Working our asses off and play a shitload of shows for no money.

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