GLORYFUL has a name that conjures up images of warriors fighting that eternal battle against evil. You can hear the swords cling just by reading the band‘s name. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Why is the time right for a GLORYFUL debut album now?
Johnny: I think there is always a time for classic Heavy Metal.
Jens: People are fed up with cross-over and core. They want the real stuff again.

What is the state of the German heavy/power metal scene today? Do you see new bands popping up are is it still the older ones going strong?
-Johnny: I guess the number of releases from new bands is nearly uncountable, hahahaha. I don`t have a clue what bands are around, but it seems to me, that most of the bands are only around for a short period and you`ll never hear from them again. Personally I listen more to the classic stuff that I`ve bought already as a metal-kid and it`s not that easy for me to find new stuff that I really like. The latest Albums that I`m listening to are Harasai`s “Psychotic Kingdom” and “Teutonic Invaders” from Axolotl. Cool bands.
Jens: We are not that close to something like a special heavy metal/ power metal scene as you might expect. Gloryful is for all of us the first classic heavy metal band. But we are of course heavily involved in a fantastic and growing metal scene. We make new friends every new city we play. Dystopolis, Phönix Rising, just to name a few cool metal-acts. Most of the younger acts are into the faster death, grind or core-stuff.

You have experience from being in other bands. How much does that help you when you start a new with a band like GLORYFUL?
Johnny: It depends. We all didn`t knew each other before and we are not professionals like bands that hire session musicians. So we needed some time to grow as one band and this is always a learning process. Regarding album-recordings, songwriting and band promotion we are quite professional. That`s what I feel. We have certain demands about how we do Gloryful and this is maybe a result out of collected experiences in other bands.
Jens: It´s all about experience. It´s way more easy to place a band if you already failed in doing that several times before, haha. Of course we still use the good contacts we made and the know-how we archived as members of other bands years ago. Even though it´s still pretty hard to place a new band in todays overcrowded, online-focussed music-landscape.

The cover artwork to your album is pretty classic heavy metal art. How important was it that it had to be this way and how do you avoid it from becoming a parody?
Jens: We wanted it exactly that way, for sure we knew, that a hardly bare female swinging a sword while riding on an ice-bear, fighting a medusa-like demon rising from the sea would look a little funny. And for sure it depends a lot on the viewers´ age: as I was a 11 year old child, I thought “number of the beast” was sort of evil and satanic stuff. I found eddy was looking very bloody, gory, nearly disgusting without his skin on “somewhere in time”…
Johnny: We take serious what we do and I think that we are way far from being a parody. We use the cliché only as much as it`s compatible to us and that makes it more authentic than wearing costumes or to disturb everyone with the heavy metal mantra.

Do the song titles match the lyrical themes? Is it much about bare-chested men with huge swords fighting mythical creatures?
Johnny: Depends. We still involved some “Sedna” stuff here and also used typical heavy metal themes. Sometimes, the lyrics have a different meaning and are just combined with cliché-phrases, but for me the lyrics are means to an end. Important is the big picture and this is always the song itself.
Jens: It´s not about knights, medieval or viking-wars. And it´s not about fighting dragons or creatures, as one might expect when seeing our cover-artwork. It´s first way all about the good old heavy metal brotherhood and it´s special immanent friendship and even this focused on the band. It´s more about strength & hope and holding on than about hate or vengeance.

How much time did you spend on coming up with the right band name? Or did you already have the name and built the rest around it?
Johnny: That was easy, hahahahahaha. Jens said, that he wants the band name to be “Gloryful” and that`s it. That we orientated ourselves to the “Sedna” myth had nothing to do with the band name.
Jens: Haha, and yes it´s true: I had a dream that night before. That dream was like a command to set a band called Gloryful. Another part of this initial command was that we have to perform in icebearskin-costumes – we skipped that part in first instance, haha.

What kind of expectations do you have on this debut album?
Jens: We hope the album gets the full attention of the worldwide press which is not in our hands alone. That´s the first channel to reach the steadily growing mass of metal people out there. The first reviews on “The Warrior´s Code” went very well, so we are happy so far.
Johnny: I hope that the album will convince others letting us play as much as possible. We are a live-band and we haven`t seen all stages yet and we are hot to go out on tour, festivals, single shows no matter where and when. So … for the bookers out there … don`t hesitate to contact us.

What would you consider a success? How do you value success?
Johnny: As long as someone wants to hear and see us I am satisfied.
Jens: Yeah, the shows are real fun so long. For me it would be another success to sell all the copies of “The Warrior´s Code” I actually store at home on the next couple of shows, get on a small tour in late 2013 and to release album no.2 in early 2014.

How will you promote this album so that every potential metalhead will get to hear it?
Johnny: Play live. At the moment our bookers and we are waiting for the album release and we`ll see what impact this will have to get shows.
Jens: The next big step will be the release of our first official video-clip for the titletrack “The Warrior´s Code” – watch out for this, it will be genious and flaweless piece of heavy metal art, haha! We do some necessary social-media shit as well like news-postings, advertising etc. as well. Our promoter at Massacre-Records is doing a brilliant job which means the main part of the album promotion. As Johnny said already: we would need a bigger tour to reach the mass of the potential Gloryful-maniacs quickly.

What else do you plan for the future?
Johnny: We are already working on the 2. Album and discussing about the producer, release date in 2014, etc.. Until late 2013 a tour would be nice to support the album, but we are still checking and waiting for suitable offers. We`ll see.
Jens: 75% of the new album are almost written, we soon will concentrate on fixing the cover-concept, lyrics and last details. We plan to book the studio soon to record the new album in late summer. We will work hard to bring the band in countries outside Germany. We got plans for a little south america trip in 2014.
Jens: We got a shitload of new awesome-looking merchandise like baseball-longsleeves, t-shirts, tank tops, zippers and of course woven patches for you! Take a look at our updated online-webstore!

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