Having been there when this whole Swedeath thing exploded unto the metal scene i have a soft spot for that kind of death metal sound even if it played by contemporary acts like GOATH. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

We see a lot of bands nowadays that are inspired by the 90s death metal sound. Back then we had Stockholm/Swedish death metal and Florida death metal. Which one is it that you guys draw your inspiration from?
– When I started listening to heavy-, thrash-, later death metal in the 90’s it was mostly the us death metal until I discovered bands like dismember, unleashed and entombed. My first albums were morbid angel’s altars of madness and deicide’s legion. A big inspiration until today combined with swedish bands like dissection, marduk or malign to name some!

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
– I can still remember that day. when my first black metal band seeds of hate more or less split up in 1998, I was the only member left, but wanted to continue. I was just the singer and couldn’t find members at this time, cause nuremberg was not a good place for black metal musicians. so a friend of another bm band asked me “why don’t you start playing guitar and do the vocals at the same time!?” I thought about it, bought my first guitar and a friend showed me some darkthrone riffs. I played for days and weeks, wrote new songs for the third demo. One day I just tried playing guitar and doing the vocals at the same time and it worked, that’s it. In Goath I play bass, that’s way easier, I guess.

It takes some bands years to record a new album but you guys did it in 30 hours. How and why did you do it this way?
-We all played in many bands before Goath and most of the bands worked the “slow way”. Sometimes it was ok, sometimes it was frustrating. We all agreed that Goath won’t be one of the slow bands. We wrote the songs and had intense rehearsals until we were 100% satisified with them. we recorded the album this way to catch the special live feeling which many bands lost through the years. The whole album is the recording of a ritual, a black mass and not an overproduced triggered plastic album like so many other, especially the known bands make. It might be “professional” for some people, but it destroys the spirit, the atmosphere and the feeling a black or death metal album should have.

When you spend an amount of your life on a band does it ever feel like you have wasted time, that you have fought one too many windmills?
-Actually it doesn’t, but I can imagine that you can have such a feeling, if not everybody in a band is 100% into it and not too much focused. At the moment where you have such thoughts you should stop making music or just quit the band and make something else.

No matter how small or big you were as a band you will leave a legacy behind you. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
-With respect. If you like our music or not. Of course it would be great, if you meet people in 10 years telling you that your album was a big influence and inspiration, but it’s up to the fans… we can talk about it in 10 years again.

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
-Sometimes I listen to one or two tracks of a new album, depends on the band. If there’s a new maiden or wasp album I will buy it anyway, but I check especially new bands from time to time. Beside the music, the digital world aka internet destroyed nearly all mysteries of a band, cause you just have to “google” a band to find all infos you wanna know. Even if you don’t find everything, sooner or later somebody will post it on facebook or elsewhere, full names and ages, things that are actually not the business of other people. In the 90s you had just fanzines and that’s it. You could just listen to the music and that’s it, the rest happened in your brain. that’s one of the things that made black- and death metal so special in the beginning. you wrote letters, you traded tapes and met people at concerts and that was all we got.

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal there is out there?
-We are not into separation at all. We use the darkness we really feel and we do not compromise at all. That is the secret.We act beyound any borders, we do what we do cause we would like to hear this kind of sound by ourselves and that is the way it works for us. We do not quit writing a song until everyone of us is satisfied! So we do not need image at all. We mirror ourselves in what we do, so fuck image… we are us!

Do you deal in different topics lyrically or do you keep to one, just using different variations?
-Our lyrical topics are about satanism, darkness, chaos and death in different variations. That’s enough for people to know.

Do you consider yourself a live artist or do you like to spend most of the time secluded in a studio?

-Definitely live artist. Playing live is very important. It’s not just a concert for us, it’s a ritual. The smell of blood and fire combined with alcohol and other stuff. Let the devil control you and be an instrument of his wrath, that’s what live’s happening with us.

How much of a touring band are you guys? What memories do you take with you?
-We played just one diy tour so far with 9 shows where we even played in helsingborg. We hope we can come back to scandinavia sooner or later, we had always good times there and we had a great time on tour with graveyard ghoul and morbid panzer. some great memories too, but we’ll keep them private.

What does the future hold?
-Well we’re currently working on new songs and we long for the day, when our first album luciferian goath ritual is unleashed and we’ll see what will happen.

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