GODLIKE might not be your average Finnish metal band, or are they. Read this interview with the band to find out. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How alternative are you on the Finnish metal scene?
– I believe we are very alternative. Finland is much more known for it`s “melodeath” bands
than rapcore/nu-metal bands. Obviously there was a little nu-metal scene here in the late 90`s and early 2000 but it vanished completely. I`ve come across with few finnish rap metal bands on MySpace but none of them has been as heavy as we are. They were more like hard rock rap.

Is it important to be able to put a label on your music? What happened to just be metal?
– I agree with putting a label but for some reason genres and subgenres have become more and more
accurate. We like to label ourselves under “alternative metal” because we want the right kind of people to discover us. You know, if our album would be labeled as `metal´ and it would be placed next to a Gorgoroth cd in a music store you can guess how happy a black metal fan would be if he
purchased our album believing we are some new black metal band. He`d propably shit blood when
listening to the rap.

How do you make sure you stand out today with so many bands to compete for attention with?
– The music itself is the one that stands out. Even though we have been compared to Limp Bizkit and
Linkin Park, we will keep the death metal riffs, the screaming and hell of an attitude part of our music
in the future too. We will not “simplify” our music to make it more listener friendly, on the contrary
we will try to develop even cooler and more versatile guitar riffs and vocals for the upcoming songs.

What is it like to be a metal band in Finland? It seems that there is one behind every tree.
– That is true! Many of our friends have metal bands too and it seems like if a nuclear bomb hits
Finland, metal is the only thing that survives. About being a metal band here…..it`s great! Our
fans are very devoted to see our live shows and they share our updates on the internet.

How much do you interact with other bands in Finland? Is there a scene to speak of?
– At the moment we have few bands we interact with. Our music just sounds so different that it`s
impossible to find a similar band here. That`s why there isn`t a scene to speak of….yet.

What is it about being in a band that is so great? Why not do it on your own?
– Being in a band is like being in a family. We are like 5 “brothers” always supporting each other. If you do it on your own you`ll most likely end up being like a rag doll and every agency, promoter and company is just throwing you around wherever they need you. You can also get lonely on the road and there`s nothing better than sharing stupid jokes, chit chatting and drinking beer with your band mates.

How do you see yourself standing up to the competition on a world wide scale? What kind of bands are you closest to?
– It`s difficult to say. In some reviews we`ve been said to be “out of date” and we have “missed the train” but we believe there are a lot of people (young and old) who have never heard this kind of music before. If we manage to hit that motherload, who knows what might happen. About which bands we are closest to… if you mix Pantera, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine and Disturbed together, that`s how we sound like. About.

What has been your greatest inspiration in shaping your sound?
– The greatest inspiration must`ve been the anxiety to try new things. We try to keep an open mind and there is actually nothing we “can” or “cannot” do in our music. There are no rules and if something sounds good we keep it.

How important is it to find your own sound? How do you find your own sound?
– It is important because it determines how well people will recognize your band. We found our sound by experimenting. You will eventually find your sound if you practice a lot and spend time perfecting your skills. It just takes patience.

What future would you like to see?
– We`d be very very pleased to warm-up some of the big names out there. That would be the next huge step to get things rolling. As we all know, it is extremely difficult to make a living with music these days, so we want to grab every given opportunity we get. We`ll see what happens.

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