Nashville TN might not strike you as a great place for metal but don’t be fooled by all the C&W that keep pouring out of that city. Underneath brews a whole different concoction. GOLDY LOCKS are proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What are the greatest challenges when you front your own band, when you don’t have anybody else to fall back on?
-I try to never look at things as a “challenge” rather, just the next step in this business. People forget this IS a business AND a game. So when you look at it that way, it’s actually kind of fun. There is always something new & exciting around the corner. Even if it’s venue canceling you, or a negative comment left online, you’re reaching people!
The only real irritating thing about this business is running into other lazy negative artists who try & such your soul with their doom & gloom. So many piss & moan when if they would just get off their asses, they’d be ok. People copy us a lot, and then lame out what we worked hard to make good. That’s not really a challenge though, that’s just non-creative people. The only real challenge out there is bands are a dime a dozen. One has to work really hard or be pretty creative to stand out.

When you are smack in the center of Country land how much do you stick out with your sound?
-How much does anyone stick out with their sound these days honestly? Most sound the same. Ours is definitely commercial, has its own flavor and I have a very distinctive voice that kicks you in the nuts and says, “Hey! I’ve paid some dues! I’m bruised and busted and as real as it gets.”

What kind of hardrock/metal scene is there in Nashville, TN?
-It’s pretty limited. There are a few good bands. Hollowed Soul, Noisecult & Mindset Defect are pretty badass. I’m proud of them. The rest need to stop drinking so much, wake up before 2pm & get something recorded.

When you write songs what is it that influences/inspires you? Do you have themes that you keep returning to?
-I write songs when I’m pissed, see a hot guy or am horny. I write to reflect. Jake our guitarist gives me some many tracks to write to. Sometime he & Vera or all the band just goes and jams, I run Protools and I go with what they give me. Writing comes from many things. I’m blessed & honored that I can come up with anything people actually enjoy or get something out of.

How do you avoid being a cliché when you play hardrock? How do you avoid doing stuff that has already been done?
-Basically, no one jumps around the stage like a big floppy Muppet. I do. Our band concentrates on having a great time and having fun on stage. Even if we look lame. If we entertain you, that’s what matters. So many “chick” fronts are worried about how big their boobies look, or that they are constantly “striking” a pose. All I care about is I’m close to hyperventilating, dripping blood & sweat. If I’m not? If my hair isn’t in a rats nest from constant spinning, I’m not doing my job correctly.

When I listen to the more hardrock kind of stuff I often wonder how many times to you can write lyrics about love before it gets boring. What kind of lyrical themes do you touch upon?
-Lyrically I like to write things that push buttons, or paint really good pictures. I like to say things in a way that no one else has. That’s just for me. On a selfish level, because I’m a competitive Bizatch! Writing should be like sex. If you’re good at it, it will never be boring. – Goldy lockS

How important is it to be portrayed the right way? How much do you think of your public profile?
-Come to our show. That’s how we are portrayed. I don’t really give a fat rats ass if people “get me” or don’t. The good “intelligent” people out there do. Even the true METAL hardcore peeps seem to get that we are about soul, entertaining and blowing vocally.

Is the art work, scene costumes etc. something you think a lot about? Do you have a style that you want to be associated with the band?
-Not always, but we do try & look interesting, like we thought about it. I’m cool with anyone in the band wearing or doing their thing, but I like it to co ordinate or at least look like some time went into it. There are too many bands who just look like shit. Like they just rolled out of bed. I think that’s lame, but that’s my opinion. There are just too many bands these days. Sometimes I feel like a maggot or a fly on a pile of cow sh!t in the yard. So so many of us. I like to stand out.

How do avoid being a victim of the latest trends? How do you keep the spirit of independence when so much in American society seems controlled by co-operations?
-I’m a commercial girl. So I, we just do our thing. Sometimes it’s overlooked that choosing to BE commercial, IS the spirit of independence. Because “I” chose to do it. I think the latest trends can be a good thing. You can hit more & a wider audience that you normally could just doing “only” your thing.

What future would you like to see for Goldy lockS?
-More shows, touring more & to a wider audience as well. I sing in 5 languages and love that. Communication with people and an audience is key. Gone are the days where the ugly American gets on stage & tells the people of Japan to F off. No one’s buying that. I watched someone do that once on a concert dvd. So I learned Japanese & how to sing in it. Now when we go back, I’ll have something personal to say.

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