I love melancholy in music. I have nothing against “happy” music but I feel at ease the most when I hear something really sad. Grimfaith managed to bring out that feeling when I listen to their metal. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How hard was it to come up with a band name that would fit the idea of the band?
-It was not really hard to find out a name for our band. We wanted the name to sound good and not to mean something particular. Finally the name “GrimFaith” fits well to our genre and spells nice.

When you are in a band is there a greater feeling of being a part of something big?
-Being in a band gives special opportunities – something, that you cannot get living a normal life. It satisfies some egoistic needs, brings a lot of energy when you are on tour but also lays some responsibilities on you.
I can compare being in a band as being a father – a lot of pleasure and lots of troubles 😉
But also it gives a feeling that you are not just wasting time in this world but making something important.

Do you feel that you take one step forward with each new song you write? Do you feel that you?ve written the songs that will be your big break?
-We usually feel that the best song is the one that we are working on at the moment. Looking back we have some favorite songs but for every musician these priorities differ. I think the new staff is more experimental and it brings more possibilities for us to realize our most ill-natured ideas.

Is there a specific point in the band’s history that has been more important than any other?
-It is our first live performance of course, then it’s the release of our first album. And there are also some dark points of our history connected with the changing of musicians in the band.

How do you as a band find your own sound? Where do you go looking for inspiration?
-We have our own base were we have plenty of time for experiments with our sound. I prefer simple and readable sound of my guitar; don’t like to use a lot of effects etc. We usually think about the sound of the band in a pack rather than about specific sound of a single instrument.

Where do you feel you fit in the Ukraine metal scene? What kind of metal scene are you a part of?
-I think we don’t fit to a specific scene because we have lot of experiments in our music. That’s why we cannot be classified as a part of some music style. We like to participate in gothic, metal and some alternative gigs. We feel fine on stage as long as we feel that people like us. It doesn’t matter what subculture these people represent.

Is it hard or easy to realize the vision you have? Is it easy to find the right kind of people to work with in order to take the band as far as possible?
-We don’t have enough possibilities in Ukraine for the perfect realization of our vision of music, but I think we are moving step by step in the right direction. It’s really hard to find good and professional people to work with the band. We are really glad to work with our manager, our live sound director and our sound producer at the moment. I think these people will help us reach the highs.

When you have a clear vision of what it is you want what lengths would you go to in reaching that vision?
-I always try to get what I want because I love myself a lot. I think the life is given for pleasures and suffering only enlightens the moments of happiness. So I will get more satisfaction in reaching my goals if it takes me longer and harder to reach it.

When you work with outside musicians what is it that you are looking for?
-We worked with outside musicians twice – with Detonation on “Grime” album and with Draconian on our upcoming “Preacher creature” album. This cooperation was rather spontaneous but interesting and I think it gave us some opportunities to be heard by more people outside Ukraine.

What kind of future is there for GrimFaith?
-You’d better ask this question to the guardian devil of our band. I hope he’s planning some wicked future for us all.

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