GROSS GROLLAND was a very nice surprise. They almost blew my shorts off with their metal. I needed to know more about this band. An interview was set up and this is the result. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is life like for a metal band in Kurgan?
-Like a scary tale. It can’t be explained. You have to be a metal band from Kurgan to understand.

How long has the journey been to releasing “What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake”? What kind of obstacles have you encountered?
-Three years, three drummers, putting a studio together, and then a year and a half to record and do all the mixing.

Now that the album is out how pleased are you with the end result?
-We’re 150% pleased, yet we want 200% from our next album.

How do you intend on promoting it the best possible way?
-Well, we won’t shit in our pants when we’re opening for Slayer!))) and, of course, we put big trust in cooperation with our producer and Metal Scrap Records

When you are a small band on a small label what chances are there for you to join the European summer festival circuit?
Size does not matter. Only goal and zest matter.

How do you about getting the music out to the right kind of people by playing live? Do you set up tours on your own?
-We do gigs in Kurgan and neighboring cities on a regular basis. We only do live shows, and the right people get to see us.

How hard is it to keep a band going if all the members don’t have the same agenda? What is the reason that Gross Grolland hasn’t died totally?
-If a member doesn’t share musical vision of the majority of the band, we search for agreement and accommodation. If such can’t be found, mister leaves the band and carries on on his own. This is how Gross Grolland’s life cycle goes.

The band name has to be one of the better that I’ve come upon lately. It doesn’t say anything about the style of music you play. What was the reason behind going with this name?
-“Gross Grolland” sounds nasty, both meanings implied.

How hard was it to come up with an album title that really says something about the band and the music on the album?
Denis Litovchenko, ex-bassist and founding member: “My brother has a great sense of black humour. We were talking about how we’re destructing ourselves every day and he came up with this wording. It was right on the spot, aggressive and self-ironic at the same time. Also, “Big mistake!” is a quote from Last Action Hero. You have to watch the scene on Youtube to understand what the band and album are about”

Will we get to hear much more about Gross Grolland now that you guys have an album out? What plans do you have for 2012?
-Many gigs are on schedule and even more rehearsals to do. Work on the new material has already started. We’re planning to complete recording of a new album in 2012.

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