I didn’t think that I’d like this band as much as I did. There is a charm to GROTESKH that is hard to ignore. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You have a name when pronounced makes people think of the Swedish cult act. How conscious were you of that when choosing band name?
-Who is Grotesque? Are they good? No, seriously, we actually were not conscious of the fact that there is a Swedish band called Grotesque at all, but I will check them out a.s.a.p.! However, we were aware of other existing bands bearing a similar spelling or pronunciation.

How would you define your sound? I can hear traces of latter day Satyricon in your sound.
-My definition: angry and maniac. Our sound may remind 1349 and Emperor. I feel honoured to be compared to a great black metal band such as Satyricon, of course, I appreciate their music and at our latest gig we even played a Satyricon cover. Nevertheless, I was not consciously influenced by them in creating our sound.

How hard is it to come up with a sound that is all your own?
-It is very hard indeed to create an independent sound because it consumes a great amount of time and thinking in order to come up with a unique style.

What has been the greatest trip so far for GROTESKH? What kind of experiences have you been through?
-As we didn’t have the chance to tour yet, this would be our studio session in Munich at the Dreamsound Studios. Mary Jane and Jägermeister “organized” the trip for us…

How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We are very pleased with it because it turned out bigger than we expected, as it just started as a 2-men-project but transformed to a whole band during our studio sessions. However, there is always something you can improve on. Concerning our expectations, I hope that our listeners will feel the emotions we put into our work.

How important are the colours to you? Does everything have to be in dark colours?
-They are important. Every kind of music reflects in certain colours and with our album “Unconsciousness” dark bleak colours just fit.

How much time and thought do you place on the aesthetic of the band? How important is it that things look and feel the right way?
-A lot man! I constantly think about our appearance and artwork, it literally haunts me in my nightmares. We were lucky to find this great artist John Santerineross from New York, who gave shape to my nightmares, and our artwork producer Sebastian Jerke, who designed the right booklet for this album.
Being authentic is essential, the rest comes naturally.

Are lyrics important to the music or are they secondary? What kind of topics do you deal with?
-They are insofar important to give more expression to the music. A song is only good when the lyrics correspond. Concerning our themes we cannot be pigeon-holed, as they are very diverse. Ideology is a topic of wide scope. There are so many questions in life which cannot be answered and to which everyone has to find answers by themselves. Also feelings, mostly negative ones (who thinks positively, is too little informed), are evoked and provide the listener with the possibility of identification.

How much of a touring entity is the band? Is touring a great way to build a following?
-We did not tour big time so far. But in October we will join the Darkness Unbound Tour 2013 with your fellow countrymen Demonical! Touring is great to build up contact with the (potential) listener, but it undoubtedly consumes a lot of effort. In these miserable downloading times, it is the only way to stand out! In our opinion, it really forms a band’s cohesion.

What would you like to see in the future?
-Crack and whores… joke! In our nearest future on tour, in future maybe at Hellfest, and in farther future in hell!

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