This is a pretty cool band that you really should check out. They are called GUADANA and they are intense as fuck. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

Do you feel that is has gone the way you intended when you formed back in the days?
-It’s been a long time since we started and the dream of rock is transformed as time goes by and you learn a lot of things .I think the evolution that we have had is the logical of any band that resists for so long.

How do you feel about your latest recording? Did it come out the way you expected it to?
-It has been an exercise of improvement and teamwork in which we have all contributed in our experience to get exactly what we wanted. Karma is a work without complexes in which we reflect how really we are.

Do you feel that you by now has found a sound that is the band and that you can build on it?
-Yes, I think we have achieved a difficult to label and really personal sound

Is having a message in the lyrics important to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
-The message is very important to us. In this case “Karma” talks about how each of our decisions, activities or behaviors affects our environment and the rest of humans; In short we come to say that everything we do improperly way could be turned against ourselves, these are the laws of Karma.

How important is the cover art work for you? Can a really cool cover still sell an album in this day and age of digital download?
-We think the cover is part of a band’s hallmark; So we have trust on a friend who has been making us the covers of all the records that we have done, becoming part of the image of the band .Answering the second question; We think that a cover can sell records, above all in live concerts when the rock bands deal with our fans closely, the treatment of the public is vital to sell records today and if it is a cool cover still better.

Why is it so hard for bands that come from places not the US or UK/Sweden/Scandinavia to break big? What is success to you and is it something you’d like to achieve?
-Yes we would like to achieve success naturally although we really consider ourselves a successful band already; The fact of being able to continue recording albums, playing in large halls and festivals is already a privilege that not everyone has in a country so difficult for rock as Spain. In the United States, United Kingdom, etc … there is a rock culture very rooted in the population for years while in Latin countries, despite of the boom of the 80´s people are more open minded in other cultures and attract attention to rock music is very difficult.

Today the competition is harder. You got plenty of digital platforms for new talent to display their music. How do you do to really stand out in a world where everything but the music is blind to the listener?
-We believe in a steadfast work and that is what we do. Working to offer more than at level of image, take care of our stage image and launch attractive proposals, the rock audience is a clever audience who knows how to appreciate the work and if you are constant, time is in charge of doing the rest.

What is your local scene like? How important is a national scene for a band to be able to break out and make it international?
-The national scene is the day by day of each of our bands, nowadays there will be hundreds of bands playing in numerous cities, Spain is a very difficult territory to conquer, so we must go step by step earning the respect here in our country for after all be able to jump to international level.

Rock and metal has come a long way since the early 70s but still some people’s attitudes towards it seem to be left in the Stone Age. How accepted is metal in your area? Is it like in Finland where it seems to come with the mother’s milk?
-Noooo not here, there is a lot of folklore here, lol, the metal here has to make a lot of noise to wake up minds, it is a hard work and the one who chooses the Heavy Metal way in Spain knows that has to work hard, there are no shortcuts

What does the future hold for you?
-At this moment we just finished our last album called Karma. In few days we will begin our Karma tour.

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