Crossover have been a part of the metal scene for a long time now. Mixing metal and hardcore is not a new thing. HAMMER FIGHT are a fine example of what can happen when the two meet. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Do you see yourself being part of a greater crossover tradition? Where do you fit into today’s metal scene?
Drew: I haven’t really thought of us as being part of any tradition. I don’t know where we fit in today’s scene. We’re kind of a throwback stylistically, but we seem to do well playing with mostly death metal and hardcore bands.

How do you avoid being part of the latest fad, here today, forgotten tomorrow?
Justin: I really don’t think Hammer Fight’s music fits into any of the latest fads.
Drew: I agree. Unless making good music becomes a fad (and I doubt it will). From what I can gather the fads in metal today are dressing like a girl and abusing the breakdown. And unless you’re a girl or a shitty song writer, I don’t suggest either.

Can you as a new band gain anything from the success of bands like Hatebreed and Madball? Are those bands’ audiences receptive to new music?
Drew: Hmm. I don’t know. We’re definitely much more metal than those bands, but the hardcore audience has been receiving us very well.

Atlantic City is like the grittier cousin to Las Vegas. What is it like to live and work in that city? Is there a thriving underground scene?
Justin: We’ve played 4 or 5 shows in AC since July, and it seems to be getting better and better each time.
Drew: I live about 10 miles outside of the city. It’s not bad. I work just outside of the city. Not a very pleasant town (ironically it’s called Pleasantville). But I like dirty towns. I regularly find old syringes and burnt spoons in the alley where I take my smoke breaks.

When they do TV-shows like “Boardwalk Empire” can you as natives to AC gain from the attention that it gives to your hometown in people remembering you by connection?
Drew: No.

Listening to your record made me wanting to take out Agnostic Front’s debut album. Where do you draw your biggest inspiration from?
Drew: The Donnas and Blood Duster. Those bands are the tits. But generally I just hear music in my head, and if I’m lucky I’ll get it recorded before I forget it.

Why only doing an M-CD and not a whole album?
Justin: We are certainly planning on doing a full length album in 2012.
Drew: Yea, this CD was supposed to just be our demo. Rob and I recorded it before we even had a full band together. But it’s been very well received and there’s even been talk of releasing it through a label. A full length is in the works though. Most of it is already written.

How much time and effort are you investigating (sic – investing) into Hammer Fight? Where do you want to see the band going?
Justin: Everyfuckinwhere!
Drew: I’m no detective, so I’m not investigating anything. But I’m investing every spare moment and penny into this. As for the second part of the question see Justin’s response.

What is a hammer fight? It doesn’t sound too fair and a clean way to fight.
Justin: I imagine a medieval battle scene where everyone has a sledge hammer as a weapon, instead of swords and axes.
Drew: Yea, that sounds pretty neat.

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