There is a ring tot he name HAMMER KING that bring promises of great things to come. At least it does so for me. So I wanted to know more about this band. And here it is. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

You have one of these names that paint a picture of a massive wall of epic metal. How important is it that the name of the band is a declaration of intent? What is a name to a band?
Titan: Thank you very much – the same to you! Battle Helm, what a killer name! The Hammer King should write song called Battle Helm!
A name is very important for a band, of course. You need to make clear what you are and what you stand for, the name is the program! We have many songs covering the Hammer King saga on our albums, the new album “King Is Rising” bringing on the war tales of the Hammer King.

Could you give us an introduction to the band in order for us to fully get the whole picture?
Titan: The legend says that the band was formed in 1978 by the Hammer King – we actually started working in 2014 and our first album “Kingdom Of The Hammer King” was released in 2015. That’t when we started playing shows. We wanted to release our second album only 1.5 years later – and we are proud that we have fulfilled our task now with “King Is Rising”!

There are too many great metal acts out there to draw inspiration from but who would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
Titan: You know, we have been playing in bands for many years now – and now that we are in Hammer King, I can’t even say that we have an influence anymore. We are influenced by the best parts of the Heavy Metal history, we have followed Metal for such a long time, it is a part of who we are and therefore this is the way our music comes out.

You have a new album you are about to promote. How does this new one differ from the previous one? Is it important that the new album differ from the old one or is it more important that it is a continuation
Titan: We let the music take its own course, whatever would happen. We did not want the second album to sound drastically different from the first, it should be a continuation. Of course with the experience we made with “Kingdom Of The Hammer King” we were more routined and confident when we made the second album. We worked out a very detailed demo for “King Is Rising” and therefore we were very focussed when we recorded at Studio Greywolf. We believe that “King Is Rising” is a continuation, but also a progression.

When you play in a band does it feel like you are a part of something bigger and greater, that you are part of a movement?
Titan: Yes, absolutely! The Heavy Metal scene is maybe the most loyal music scene in this and all possible other worlds – to be part of that scene is amazing. Every musician is always a fan, too. Hammer King has just started to add to the history of Metal. Every band does, every fan does!

How important is it that the art work is a statement of intent, that it already tells me what kind of metal you play?
Titan: I said before that “King Is Rising” is dominated by the Hammer King’s war stories, so we needed to have a strong art work setting the mood. Timo Wuerz has once again made one hell of a job, we love his work. The art work looks killer on the T-Shirts as well!

Illegal downloading is a huge problem for everybody, from you as the artist to me as the consumer. But how do we go about stopping the illegal downloading and make people respect that intellectual property is not for free?
Titan: There is no stopping, I think. It affects the music business, it affects the film business and now with e-books it also affects writers. That’s the way of the world, everything seems to loose value to the people.
Luckily, the Metal fans still want to own LPs and CDs, they do still buy everything. The Metal fans are collectors, we define ourselves through what we love and what we follow.

I live in a country that is poorly fed with great metal tours. But what is the live circuit like today? Do people come out enough to support smaller tours for it to be worth doing them?
Titan: Many bands have stopped touring on a regular base. I remember Jag Panzer playing headliner shows, I remember Morgana Lefay being on tour. Nowadays only the bigger bands tour, the many huge festivals make tours almost unnecessary. For the up and coming bands there few clubs left where you can play. “It is a long way to the top” and the Hammer King has ordered to always keep marching. We take all we can get, we want to play as many club shows and festivals as possible. We love being on stage and seeing the fans.

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
Titan: The concert is a happening, we take our shows very seriously. We are very focussed on playing well and singing well – and letting loose all the power we can give! Being with the fans, hearing them sing and bring glory to the Hammer King, that is the best part about it!

What would you like to see the future bring?
Titan: As long as there is peace and liberty, I am open for everything. We are destined to keep recording albums and playing shows, we will keep going!
Thank you very much for this interview, thank you very much for the support! God bless the King, may the King bless you!

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