HARDBONE. It might just be me but I know what I thought the first time I saw this band’s name. But then rock’n’roll is supposed to be sexy. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

When I first saw your name it made me think of a hardcore band but you’re an entirely different beast. How did you evolve into the band that you are today?
-At the very beginning we actually had a different name. We were called “UNCUT” until 2009. We decided to change the name before our first release because we noticed that there are several bands with that name and we wanted to avoid legal problems. After that we were looking for a new name which in our opinion would make everyone associate it with the sound we play and have always been playing, which is no bullshit Rock ‘n’ Roll. We chose this quite suggestive name on purpose because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and wanted it to be reflecting the stuff our music is about, which is fun, dirt and women.
We had been developing our musical style immediately. It was always clear what we wanted to sound like. Of course we have improved our songwriting skills and experienced a lot over the years which influenced the band and made our range a little wider, I guess. But the formula is still the same as it always has been: Keeping it simple!

You got a new album to promote. Is this a continuation of your sound or do you feel that you’ve come up with something completely new?
-If you want to stay true to yourself or your musical style it is impossible to create something totally new and we didn’t aim for this either. It’s rather the opposite. On the last album “Bone Hard” we tried quite a lot of new stuff. Now we wanted to go back to the roots again and break it down to what it’s all about in this genre. We have some rather fast songs but most of them are of the mid-tempo groove type, which is something that suits us pretty well. We just turned it up, fired up some cracking riffs and enjoyed it. There are no big surprises on the new record but who cares? The main thing we wanted to achieve is that people enjoy the sound and get into the groove. Boom-smack!

I love this whole retro rock thing with bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard (rip) and a whole host of others. You play to my ears the same kind of rootsy rock. What is it about that is so bloody good?
-I think it’s the simplicity. All you need is a fat riff and a catchy chorus. Of course the rhythm section plays a big role as well. You know, Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t no rocket science and that’s what people enjoy about it. You just crank it up and have a good time. If it makes you nod, rock and shout, then we have achieved what we wanted.

I really like a great cover to my album. I don’t know how many times I have bought an album and the music has been great but the cover sucked. How do you go about pucking cover art work?
-We really don’t see ourselves as “artists” and our artworks reflect that pretty much. Of course we want it to look good. But it has to suit the music. Finding a cover artwork always goes hand in hand with finding an album title. We think about what the title could be and imagine an artwork in the next step. If there is no suitable idea for an artwork, we’ll go for another album title. So we absolutely agree with you that the artwork is quite important but we don’t try to come up with some fancy shit. It just has to be as our music. Simple and to the point. So this time when we were thinking about an album title and the artwotk we came up with this idea for “Tailor-Made”. A woman’s hands, a guitar, a measuring tape with special HARDBONE unit, a guy’s legs in the background… the rest is up to your fantasy. Well, if you turn around the CD or LP, the situation will get clearer but even though we try te leave it up to your imagination what might happen there. Generally our covers should give a hint about what kind of music can be expected on the record.

5. Something I have a big issue with is pointless lyrics. How important are the lyrics to your songs? Because a great text can raise a good song.
I have to admit that we are no big poets. Of course the lyrics are important. It is the part of the music most people identify with and what they keep in mind. But as I said before everything has to be suited to the type of music you play. It would be quite inappropriate in our position to sing about saving the whales, world peace or big love stories. Of course that’s possible but we believe that Rock ‘n’ Roll should be easy and fun. It’s party music which should make you forget the shit about your daily routine.

Something that really annoys me is those that don’t want to pay for stuff. How bad is it with all the illegal downloading? To me it seems like the moral of paying for stuff even if it is intelkectual has gone out the window.
-I believe that the general estimation of what musicians do is decreasing. But we are in the lucky position to play Rock ‘n’ Roll. In this genre the people still seem to care about their favourite bands and what they do. Real fans still buy records, some of them even several times. They buy the LP and the CD and then rip down the tracks to have a digital version to go. That’s great. Of course not every fan is like that and it really is a shame that more and more people don’t want to pay for music anymore. But rather small bands like us also benefit from streaming services for example because bands are being recommended on those platforms, which gives us the opportunity to reach many more people. And our earnings resulting from record sales are in any case not really remarkable so we can get over a few Euros we miss out by streamers. But sure, if you want to keep ypur favourite bands alive, keep buying their records, guys! That’s important.

If you had the chance to put together a tour package with you as headliners, who would you pick and why?
-I guess our favourite choice would be our Swedish friends of DYNAMITE. We already had a few gigs together and the bands complement one another really well. We play the same kind of stuff and have a quite similar attitude. I’d just be afraid of some massive hangovers… The guys will actually support us on our release show in Hamburg on October 14th.

You seem like the kind of band that is best enjoyed live. What is it about playing live that gets the people in a good mood?
-Playing live is truely really important to us and this kind of old school Hard Rock just needs to be played live. It is the only possibilty to get the true sound of the amps out there and to make people feel the spirit about it. You can see the band cooking, have one to twelve beers with your friends and lose it for a couple of hours. Ain’t nothing better than that!

Have you played live long enough to notice a change in how people consume music? I get the feeling that less and less go out to see live music.
-We have been on the road now for more than eight years. In general it seems like more and more small Rock clubs have their difficulties to pull through. Some of the clubs where we always loved to play don’t exist anymore or run the risk of going bust in the near future. I don’t know why exactly but I also believe that this has always been a tough business. We can’t complain about the attendance of our shows. Most people who once got to see us live come back many more times when we return to some place near them and there are even some crazy guys who travel hundreds of kilometres just to see us. These are the fans who keep the scene alive and keep us going.

What lies in the future?
-In October we gonna celebrate the release of our new album “Tailor-Made” with a big release show and after that we are going to play a couple of more shows in Germany this year. For job reasons it is unfortunately not possible for us to go on a bigger tour in the next couple of months, but we plan to play a lot more shows in Europe starting next spring.

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