HATERIAL is another cool Finnish metal band. My questions were answered by Ipe who plays bass and sings backing vocals. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How much influence does the cold and harsh Finnish winters have on the sound of the band?
-Well, it does create certain atmospheres and melancholy during the winter when you hardly see sun during the day here in the north, but you have keep in mind that there’s a time in the summer when sun doesn’t go down at all. Usually people who are not around here find these drastic extremes quite hard to tolerate, so you can imagine what happens with your psyche when you are from here. When expressed through our sound I think the feeling of the raw power without any unnecessary elements is the base of it. When you walk in the snowstorm and you’re frozen to the bone, the only thing you think is how to get to where ever the hell you’re going without any stops. Just that approach tends to be too boring and used by too many bands, so when you add the softer elements from the strong summer contrast you appreciate the laid back melodic feelings in between. The things here in north are more based on the feelings than the techniques, I’d say. Always have been and hopefully always will…

Can we speak of a Finnish metal wonder? Or is that more of a mass media fabrication?
-Every country breed good bands, that’s nothing new to no one. I think in Finland we just seem to be a bit too much louder about our achievements than the others. We always seem to be a bit out of the picture (even with the interweb) and follow very closely behind. Not creating anything totally new, but always with a quite unique sound to separate us a bit at least. Usually the appreciation in Finland comes after you’ve “made it” abroad. That tells something about it as well…

I’ve been trying to figure out what the band name is all about but I haven’t done so yet. What made you chose this as the band name?
-World today is pretty much based on production, and we’re not happy with the elements it’s producing. The material; laws, religions, corporations, the whole nine yards, you know. The “real” reality we see is just a camouflage that should be ripped down so the people could take a real good glimpse of the real world and see what direction we’re going. So there you have it, “haterial”, we hate the system (material) and we hate the common reality… Now you’re probably even more confused, but people do intend to get face palm reactions from our name. I suggest a mirror.

In this time and age of no borders does it matter where your record label is located?
-Not really if the communication between the band and the label works and the key elements like distribution, etc are handled correctly. I think the actual difference is in the national publicity of the release, I mean if the label is located in Finland it probably makes sure that all the main areas of marketing are taken care of for the maximal exposure for the bad in their home ground.

How involved are you with your label? Do you communicate all your demands all the time?
-With Wormholedeath the communication is open and first hand, we can express our thoughts straight to the top and get the feedback from there pretty much in real time. We trust that everyone after that stage and behind that contact are professionals and know their job, so hopefully we never have to intervene, since we tend to speak out our minds quite straight.

I don’t know how involved you’ve been in the metal scene in the past but do you notice a difference in how independent labels operate today?
-I’ve been in the metal scene as a player since ’87 so I know what you mean. I remember the times when independent labels were more than common. Nowadays it’s the survival of the biggest, and that sucks. The whole scene is in the strange vortex that no one knows what will happen next. Independent labels with their own publishing ideology still exists of course, but the sort of “semi big labels” with good enough know-how that new talents could benefit to the max are usually either pushed down or taken over by bigger labels. Then the whole picture changes and good riddance with the ideology welcome financial facts. This kills an urge to find something totally new and jams the development of music. Thank god for the live shows.

Do you feel any competition from the rest of the Nordic bands in the same genre as yours?
-There are too many bands and everyone can make brilliant tunes in their living room studio, so there’s no point to spend any energy on thinking about the competition. Also the whole “genre” idea has gotten totally out of hands (I really do suspect those “larping” engineers with their annoying need to make things more complicated than they are), so who which is what, couldn’t care less. At this point if you happen to get a gig with some other band, you feel unity right away and wish all the best for them as well so at least some of us could go forward. There’s no room for real competition or anything like that at the present day, at least at the level we’re at. We’re just trying to stand out like everyone else, on the album and with our live shows.

How much influence/inspiration does the whole Nordic metal scene bring to you as a band?
-In the “brotherhood” kinda way I’d say a lot. We have to stand our ground amongst the talents around the globe. Even if there are lots of references to our similarity with Swedish melodic metal scene, we really don’t have any inspirational sources there or in any Nordic metal act. There are lots of good Nordic metal bands that we do listen, but I think the real cuts are deeper and they are global and across the genres for sure.

Does every Finnish metal band chart on the national chart? What does it mean to chart? Does it mean anything?
-This is funny, I was talking about this subject last week and there was a time that I used to work in one of the record stores providing those sales lists for charts. All in all the sales of CD’s are down which is no newsflash to anyone, and what that does is that if you really want and hook up a “campaign” for a week in your network you can easily get your album on the chart for a week with ridiculously small sales and then you can take all the print screens you want and be happy. The actual “winners” are the artist that really sell, either by being just so fucking good or being able to pre-sell their album (by a label) to a biggest chains in Finland, so the charts are hyped straight away.

What would you like the future to hold for the band?
-Well….we got around ten new and of course better songs ready that we’re fine tuning for the next album. The style will be there, so no worries. What we want is to get more and more live shows so we can show people what we’re about. Have your face palm, hate our music, hate our faces, but just come to our gig and we’ll make your head nod and adrenalin run! Try it, it’s been good so far and it’s getting better…

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