You might have seen the name HEATHER LEATHER when you’ve surfed the net. I sure have. As I wanted to know a bit more I tried contacting the band. This is what I got back in return. Not too long but see it as an introduction. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

From what I understand you have been at this for a long time. What is the motivation to still keep doing it?
-Hola dude It all started in the late 1978, I walk in the store, and look at the magazine, and saw the runaways pictures, playing the guitars.

What made you want to be in a band in the first place? Was there one pivotal moment that made you start a band?
I wanted to be just like Joan Jett or Lita Ford. Being the first girl band in San Antonio, TX since the 1980’s it’s was fun and now still rockin’.

When you’ve seen trends come and go and bands go up like a sun only to fall down like a pancake does that make the choices you’ve done seem more right?
-Yes it is a lot of hard work went practicing original songs because you want to be yourself .

What kind of exposure do you get from the local fans and media? How often do you play live? What sort of hardrock/metal town is San Antonio?
-Yes I help bands sometimes. Now I finally am getting married after all these years. He is also a musician and a studio soundman. But I will still be jamming.

When you live so close to another country’s border does that bring along a larger understanding of people outside of your comfort zone? Can you benefit from Mexico being just on the other side of the border?
-Performing in Mexico (three shows) and being interviewed by two radio stations. It was sold out concerts. Also arrival on the records store was very busy so many peoples in line. Just for autographs. It was amazing.

What future do you envision for Heather Leather?
-We are going back to the studio record. And in the future I plan to work with kids to teach guitar lesson, for the communities. Help bands

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