OK. so the Balkan metal scene is a blank to me. But I’m eager to learn more which is why I sent HEAVEN RAIN an interview. Answers by Goran Bastinac. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You have a couple of albums to your name yet your are not that well known. How hard is it to get out of your native country and onto a wider metal scene?
– Yes, we have one full length, Far and Forever, released back in 2008. and a whole bunch of singles and EP’s. Our new album Second Sun has been released in June 2012. via Music Buy Mail from Germany. It’s pretty hard to get out from this country, of course. Bosnia is not a country that would come up when you think about the metal or any other kind of music for that matter. On the other hand, we have had several line up changes and that also slowed us down. However, our current line up is strong and we’ll try to do our best to promote our music in general. I would also take this opportunity to say hello and thanks to our label Music Buy Mail for all the support they gave us with our new album.

What was it that made you want to form a band? What pivotal moment made you decide that this is what you want to do?
– I started Heaven Rain in summer of 2006. as my homemade studio project, but I wanted to play all this stuff live, so in 2008. I formed a band with my friends Nebojsa Lakic on drums and Bojan Joksic on bass guitar. The main goal was to create and play the music that we all like. We’ve crossed a long and hard road since then, but nevertheless, we are happy with what we’ve accomplished.

When you come from a region that has been through so much turmoil as Balkan has how does that affect the way you write music?
– Yes, and that is a very sad fact. Balkans surely is not a good place to create any type of art, or to live in it for that matter, because of all the bad stuff that happened around here in the past years. But like I said, we were sick just to be ignored and to do nothing, so we formed a band and try to fight it all with cool and straight forward heavy metal.

I am fascinated how by combining words you created new meaning. What does the band name Heaven Rain mean to you?
– Thank you very much. Heaven Rain is a symbol for a new beginning – at least for us – in a creative way, if any other way is not available. But at the time, things started to move forward for us, and we are getting more and more attention from abroad. We don’t want to prove anything to anybody, we just want to play great music that we love as far as we can, for people who care, wherever and whoever they are. We are just satisfied with that.

How hard is it to find the right people to work with when you want to record an album? Do you have to look elsewhere to achieve what it is you are looking for?
– It was hard at the beginning, but since Miona and Igor joined the band, Heaven Rain now have a solid and very motivated line up. We’ve travelled 500 miles to get to a suitable studio to record all these great songs that you can hear on our new album. So, I would say that anything is possible if you believe in what you do.

How clear a vision do you have as to what it is you want to accomplish when you enter a studio? How much do you correct and take away in the studio?
– Before we entered the studio, there were several stages to accomplish. The first stage was to make songs that we are all satisfied on rehearsals, meaning that all the arrangements and technical stuff needed to be absolutely clear. After that, the second stage was to record all the songs as a pilot versions, and the third stage was simple “lock and load” mode for the studio. Our producer Marjan Mijic was pretty surprised how nice we all were organized and prepared for this project. 🙂

What would you say is your greatest appeal to a metal crowd?
– That would be our new album Second Sun for German label Music Buy Mail, some great live shows we have played recently and of course, more and more people who discover us almost every day. We are all avare of the fact that there are soooo many metal bands from all over the world, but hey – how many metal bands do you know that comes from the great city of Banja Luka, a capitol of the Republic of Srpska, inside Bosnia and Hercegovina?

What kind of metal scene are you a part of? How much of a metal scene is there in your country?
– Well, Heaven Rain performs melodic power metal combined with atmospheric, progressive metal, some ambiental stuff is there as well and a nice dose of heavy metal and hard rock. Maybe you could call it a euro metal. We do have some cool bands around here, but they have the same problems as we do. There are no proffesional metal dedicated magazines or TV shows, no hard and heavy clubs or a regular metal nights, so you get the picture. But on the other hand, that didn’t slowed us down since we are playing the music that we like. People who care about that stuff knows how to get to us and that’s the whole story. On the other hand, our music is “out there” since 2008. and whoever wants to check our songs, can do in in a matter of seconds via YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or through our official website.

Do you get a chance to play with a lot of international bands? Where do you go to to get experience and to build a following?
– So far, we didn’t had a chance to play with any international band, but hopefully we will soon. As I said before, we don’t have international metal festivals with any kind of tradition. But we do play live shows with a bands from our town or Serbia and Croatia as well.

How in a perfect world would the future for Heaven Rain look like?
– Well, we’re hoping to get a chance to play some nice tours around Europe, and to make more music for the people that will love it as much as we do. That would be really nice.

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